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Now some of you may think you know the Hulk, but there’s way more than what’s on the surface, or what you saw in the movies. I really liked Hulk: Season One, so I’m gonna go off the perspective that book told since I liked the way it depicted him most.


The Beginning


As we all know, Bruce Banner is a scientist that worked for the military as the world’s foremost authority on effects of radiation on living tissue, and the inventor of the Bannerbomb. Basically a random kid named Rick Jones, who later becomes his sidekick, drives into ground zero where the Bannerbomb was going to be set off. Knowing Rick would be incinerated, Banner ran out into the field and pushed Rick out of the blast radius though not fast enough to save himself when the bomb went off.

Since that day he started to turn into the Hulk at night, going on random rampages till he decided to lock himself in a chamber before his transformations could occur. When a plot by AIM set him free one night, Hulk took the opportunity to use them to find a cure for Banner which wouldn’t have gotten rid of Banner but made him dumber for the Hulk to maintain control. Of course he had to force Banner into a situation in which he would have to inject the cure into himself to live, and when Banner refused, and angry Hulk lashed out at him. Hulk blamed Banner for his mother being killed by his own father in front of him, he was mad at Banner because he was weak and did nothing to save her. He didn’t just want control over the body, he wanted Bruce to pay for failing them both.

The Hulk was never born during that gamma bomb exposure, he was born the night his mother was killed, maybe even since Bruce’s birth. What the gamma bomb did was unlock the Hulk which had been caged all those years. He was the rage that Bruce bottled up and carried all the way through adulthood. The one thing Bruce said that defined his whole life is that he didn’t survive all this time by being weak, he WAS the strongest there is.

War For Control

Since then it has been a constant struggle for control as Bruce and the Hulk have found themselves hunted, used and almost always trying to be left alone. It was because of the Hulk’s rampage’s that Thunderbolt Ross was promoted to hunt him down, and as Ross relentlessly pursued him he further created more problems than he hoped to avoid.

Many times they border-lined the line between hero and monster, fighting alongside the Avengers, against the Avengers and more than once the world.

At a point they came to a mutual understanding, though the Hulk had to let Bruce take control of his body. This worked for a time because with someone smart like Bruce in the drivers seat, there was no limits to what they would be able to do against their strongest foes.

Common Grounds

https://i1.wp.com/clzimages.com/comic/large/92/92_308878_0_TheIncredibleHulkVol371.jpg?resize=165%2C251Though the Hulk seemed to have given up fighting with Bruce, this was not the case. During their last encounter, the Hulk had buried Bruce further than he had before in order to make his final attempt to separate himself from Bruce. It turned out to be a success with the aid of Doctor Doom and his medical prowess. One would have thought that Bruce would be happy now that he didn’t have the burden of the Hulk, but slowly this separation drove him mad. This madness came from the fact that Bruce felt that the Hulk was stolen from him, he felt that the Hulk was his to control. All that power, and the feeling of being unstoppable was all that made Bruce feel that he was special, and without that he was nothing. He felt worthless and did everything to recreate the Hulk. He did everything from injecting himself with radiation , injecting animals with radiation which turned them into Hulk-like creatures, to putting his head in a microwave only to end up with a brain tumor the size of his fist.

If you wanted to know who the true monster is, Bruce proved that he was the most dangerous between he and the Hulk. The Hulk on the other hand, had taken full advantage of his new freedom. He traveled all over the world and lived like any man would who was able to live his own life. But this did not last long as Bruce’s madness trying to take the Hulk back called for him needing to be put down. The Hulk then took the fight to Bruce on his island of gamma infected monsters with a team of mad scientist hunters. Bruce awaited them as he was either going to take back the Hulk or recreate the bomb that turned him into the Hulk in the beginning. This fight ended with Bruce’s supposed death as the Hulk used him as a shield at point blank in front of the exploding gamma bomb.

The Hulk at this time finally felt that he was truly free, though the happiness that came with it felt empty. Something was missing that soured this victory. This was when Betty attacked him for killing Bruce, which instead ended up in them doing the nasty in the middle of the destruction they caused in their fight. Upon waking up from this, he reverted back to Bruce who was shocked yet happy because he wanted to take this opportunity to kill the Hulk for supposedly killing him. This led to a deliberate plan in which Bruce tricked the Hulk into various situations to gather the materials needed to get rid of the Hulk. When his plan came full circle, he realized at that very moment that killing the Hulk was not what he really wanted, he needed the Hulk as much as the Hulk needed him and as much as they wanted to be alone, that just wasn’t the case in the end.



Here we are at the final evolution of the Hulk. This here is the point when the Hulk and Banner finally come together as one unit to do some good for a change. We’ve gone from Incredible to Indestructible because that’s just what they’ve become. This here is what happens when you take a genius and an unstoppable force and when they come together to kick someone elses ass for a change instead of fighting each other. Indestructible is the way Banner sees the Hulk now that he has finally seen that they need each other and that their fates are joined since they can’t get rid of each other.

As to his story in Marvel NOW!, apparently Banner has them join SHIELD and the mystery of course is why SHIELD would agree to letting them join with them being who they are.


To sum it up for those of you who found it hard to follow;

Bruce Banner——-> Child Abuse———> Mother Killed——–> Failed Experiment———-> Manifestation———> Hulk———-> Internal Struggle———> Understanding———–> Strongest There Is


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