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After the recent issue of Avengers Academy, he one character in the group that stood out to me the most was Julie Power. She has come a long way from a child hero to grown up and taking charge. I just wanted to take the time to give some of you a perspective on her character since she isn’t very known.

Power Pack

Julie Power started acquired her powers along with her 3 siblings when a mysterious alien ship landed in their backyard. The alien that came in this ship was dying, and with what he had left gave his powers to the 4 starting their heroic tale as the Power Pack. They kept their powers secret from their parents and the rest of the world living 2 lives while learning what they were truly capable of.

Julie was different from the rest. As the oldest and a female, she was a social butterfly which was always hard for her when she had to ditch her friends to save the world. She did it though every day she questioned why she was giving up her life for one of heroics. This basically led to her constantly walking away from her siblings to try and be normal since her goal was to be an actress.

Loners Not much is said about what happened between her and her siblings for this to happen, but after a time skip she ends up as a part of a team called the Loners. They were more of an organization than a team because every one of them were child heroes who were trying to grow out of being heroes and try to fit in with the rest of the world. Yet again, Julie was always different from the packs as while the others attempted to stop using their powers all together, Julie still took pride in what she could do which made her less willing to make that change while everyone else was. She even hid the fact that she was a very smart individual just to put up a front that she was cool and fun to be around. Along with that dying her hair blonde to match her new attitude. While trying to give up her life of heroics Julie was making her way into being an actress, but no matter how much effort she put into it, things just never really went her way.

Avengers Academy another surprising time skip, Julie is now a part of the Avengers Academy as they were looking to expand to more qualified future heroes. This was the Julie I liked to see because she was finally able to embrace who she was and what she could do. Right off the bat she was a very dominant member of the Academy, made her presence known and took no crap from anyone.

Julie has always had a good moral compass, and it was here that you got to see it shine. She always did what was right and was able to steer her fellow teammates in the right direction. She helped Striker come to terms with being gay, then she helped White Tiger and Reptil see that they actually liked their powers and needed to accept that power to be able to have full control over it. Where both of them feared their own power and what they can do, Julie was so comfortable with herself that she was able to guide them to see that all this time they were letting their power control them. Not only this but she also started to show how smart she really is when she was able to pull of tactical plans to stop a world wide infection of a chemical that stripped all superpowered people of their abilities.


I should probably get into what she can do exactly. Julie has the power of flight, she can travel at least 800mph, faster than the speed of sound. Took a while, but Julie also learned how to hover without accelerating which is a feat hard for most like her because of how fast they can move. She creates sonic booms when flying and also emits a distinct rainbow colored trail while flying. This rainbow she can also manipulate to either walk on or use as a cushion when falling.


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