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As season 2 of Alphas is coming to a close, I thought it would be best to update my last blog in another attempt to bring light to this show.


In order: (Kat, Cameron, Rachel, Bill, Dr. Rosen, Nina, Gary)

What Is Alphas?

Alphas is basically a series about a group of five ordinary people who are brought together to form an extraordinary team of Alphas, the Alphas are people with the unique power to stretch the capabilities of the human mind giving them superhuman physical and mental abilities. The Alphas team investigate cases that point to others with Alpha abilities. As they work against the clock to solve this new brand of crime, they must prevent their own personality differences and different backgrounds from interfering with their ultimate mission to catch the enemy. It is one of those cases where it’s “our problem, our solution”, a personal theme that is constantly said throughout the X-Men comics as they say “Mutant problems, mutant solutions”.


What They Have Done Right

What they did great with this series is that they did not go the route Heroes went, you can say that it’s just another show about people with “powers”, but you forget that what these people display are superhuman abilities. They made it a phenomenon that is worth being explained, not only did they make the characters relatable, they tide those human  characteristics and flaws to impact how they use their powers. No one in this show is perfect and what they did constantly was show how they are able to get the job done while dealing with whatever personal issues it is that the doctor seeked them out to fix. each episode pushed the characters to the limit because overall their biggest enemy is themselves and to be able to use their abilities to the fullest potential they had to overcome their pasts. What they did better that heroes failed with was avoiding messing with peoples powers, it was a constant thing Heroes did throughout the series that threw many off and was unnecessary. Not only this but they made their deaths memorable, I mean of course people will die though they handled it responsibly. Something else they did better was making the supporting characters likable, good or bad they served some sort of purpose and were never there just to be there. Because this series is only in it’s first season there isn’t a problem as to what they could have done better or what was wrong just yet, they overall have done great in avoiding the mistakes of others just like it.

Alphas is now on it’s second season, approaching the finale. I really have to say that this season was just amazing. They took a concept that Heroes took forever to build up to in order to fail and showed them how it was done. Right off the bat they showed they started off strong, adding to the tension that has been stacking up since the very first episode and continued to capitalize on every opportunity they that came their way to prove that they are not like the other shows of their kind. What has been so amazing about these group of Alphas is that their flaws is what defined them. It was what defined them yet kept them from reaching that full potential, but they really took the time to dive deeper into each of these characters to give them that push for what was and is in store for them. Going back to what I said about “our problem, our solution” or even “us or them”, this was the centered theme of this season and not once did they stray from this story. This concept stuck through and every episode has only gotten better because they keep a consistent pace and know when to turn it up or dial it back.

The one addition that stood out to me most was the new character, Kat. She is an alpha who has the ability to and learn anything she sees, and remember that info or skill for a period of a month before losing all memory. That is what makes her character great because she is a carefree individual who likes to live in the moment without being weighed down by her past or what she did before her last memory wipe. I’ll leave it at that so you all can see what I’m talking about.

What Separates Them

What truly separates this series from the rest is the use of abilities. They aren’t seen as super powers, but more of an extension of human capabilities. Unlike heroes, many of these abilities are very unique, and if similar to something is used in a very different way than you’d expect. Nina has the ability to push thoughts into people, or in other words persuasion, now whats cool about this is that she has to have eye contact and unless she truly pushes the thought she has to keep doing it over and over. Rachael has extreme superhuman senses, she can see things on a molecular level, hear things miles away, taste everything in foods and more. The only flaw to this is that because these senses are so strong, she has to shut off the rest which leaves her vulnerable, this includes her going blind to be able to smell or hear, and with each sense used Rachael is also sensitive to anything beyond those limits. Gary can read any and all electromagnetic waves, he can read GPS, access satellites, watch TV, security cameras, radios, and any vocal frequency, his flaw is that he has aspergers which makes it hard for him to interact with others. Bill can actively access his fight or flight response which gives him a boost of all physical capabilities to superhuman levels, though at the risk of overuse destroying his body from the inside. Cameron has perfect hand-eye coordination, his ability only works when he is able to focus which is his problem due to his anger and past. For some of you who like parkour, Cameron would be able to do any of those stunts with ease where most might struggle, he can even deflect a bullet with his own.

If you haven’t, go out and check out the first season through the second, you won’t regret it!

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