Why Marvel is Better at Marketing Their Heroes

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Now whether you have seen The Avengers movie or not, it can be said by how it turned out that it was a big successful for Marvel both on screen and off. Using the better term Lecamb stated, they’re success came from the Blockbuster Formula. They made the movies introducing each character each ending with something that would hint a eventual tie in to the others. They used recognizable actors that best display the character on screen and pulls in fans of the actor. The studio of course spends a massive amount of money on marketing and creating the film, not to mention getting the aid of those producers that specialize in certain areas and are well known. They created comics based on the movie and even changed characters within the comics to fit their film versions. Then to bring it all together had a solid story that gave each hero an equal amount of screen time that is enough for them to be able to stand out to the audience.

Marvel’s Success?

This is what makes Marvel movies most successful in my opinion. I mean any person who doesn’t read comics could easily say that most of Marvel movies weren’t good, but that’s because they aren’t exposed to enough films or the comics in general to make such statements and be able to truly back it up. Yes not all of the films were the best, but everything you have seen up to The Avengers movie has been including Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 1 & 2, and The Incredible Hulk. Any of the movies from Marvel you can insult, though you know what? At least they are making their characters known. We aren’t just talking about the big heroes, Marvel has managed to bring an audience to even the smaller heroes. Iron Man was even considered a B hero before the movies and now he has become a big favorite on screen and off.


Now as for DC I mean as much as they praise Batman, that’s all they can really hang on to from DC which is kind of sad and that’s animated movies aside because they don’t make much money. Most of their movies which included their main heroes have failed miserably even when hyped up. They didn’t have the right actors, the stories were bad, some focused too much on CGI, they weren’t really marketed in a way that would draw a big audience(besides Green Lantern which was still horrible).  If you were to ask any person who the main canon heroes are for DC, most would know nothing beyond Batman or Superman which is pretty sad. It’s not even that most wouldn’t know, but Batman is the only one that really catches their attention. DC focuses too much on their main heroes (Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern), if you knew anyone besides them it would most likely be their sidekicks or the Teen Titans/Young Justice teams. They have too much of a tendency to milk these characters and neglect the rest to the point where they really hold no relevance to the main story.


Marvel has done a wonderful job at making their heroes known, as most of you may know they don’t just have one Avengers team, but many others which are comprised of other lower tier heroes that each have gotten their time in the spotlight and have stood out in a way that they do have their own audience. You have the multiple Avengers teams, Fantastic Four, X-Men (who have enough heroes to support 7 comic series at once!) and so on. Not to mention that when they actually have a comic event they tie in EVERY hero no matter how big or small, everyone is affected in some way. And it’s because of this that Marvel has no trouble taking any one of these heroes and displaying them on screen and even create an audience for the ones that are lesser known. For some of you that don’t know, this is actually Marvels plan after Avengers dies down which is to start making movies to promote those heroes that fans do not know of. Already we have Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant Man confirmed.

And before you try to say I am biased because I like Marvel more, learn now that I have no problem with DC and Batman nor have I ever. It’s just fun to poke at Batman fans because of their general reaction and slight lack of knowledge of anything beyond that. :)

Marvel NOW!


Marvel NOW! is the company’s latest publishing initiative, the next phase of Marvel ReEvolution, a concept that they revealed earlier this year. It’s basically a giant shake-up of Marvel’s entire universe and creates brand new titles, brand new creative teams, brand new costumes, relaunched titles, new digital incentives, new cover designs and even new secret identities, in some cases. It’s a complete overhaul for the Marvel Universe that the publisher promises will leave no major character or series unaffected. Of course some might think of it as some reboot or way of competing with DC’s reboot, but it’s nothing new that hasn’t been done many times before, this is just another step in Marvels continuity as a whole. This is one of the best moves they could of made, not because it’s something that they do after every comic event, but because they are setting the characters up in a way that new readers can jump in and get caught up. Nothing is being messed with, no origins are being changed, and what’s the difference between issue #36 compared to #1? Abosolutely nothing so any judgements would have to be held till after the first book is released. Get updated here http://www.ign.com/blogs/marvelhasbestcomics/2012/08/04/a-marvel-update-now

The Dark Knight Rises

Now with the release of The Dark Knight Rises came the glorification of another successful Batman movie. Now we have to ask ourselves again, has DC themselves truly succeeded in putting their brand out there or is Batman films all they have to rely on. Yes they have a Superman film to come out later and it just might be great, but wouldn’t that put DC back to that assumption that they have nothing beyond Batman OR Superman? I mean you could compare it to the Avengers all you want but the Avengers has room to be remembered and can only get better from here. Not only that but the fact that you can’t compare a team full of heroes to just one vigilante. If anyone were to compare this movie to Avengers, they’d have to wait till the Guardians of The Galaxy comes out or the Justice League movie comes out and besides the Man of Steel no other DC film will be released till after 2015. Imagine what other films could top The Dark Knight Rises by then. Like I said, DC has got to get their heads out of their a**es and stop milking Batman when they have a whole line-up of heroes who could be just as great if they gave them the chance and got sh*t right.

Justice League of America Movie


Getting to the JLA movie which is now to be expected we have the question as to how they will go about making this successful. They can go their own route or they can go the Marvel route and compile the movies leading up to the JLA which could be less risky. Aside from that, after the success of the Batman trilogy you have the fear that WB might try to humanize the rest of DC’s roster or make them darker. Doing this could be the wrong move because DC heroes have some of the more far out origins and aren’t too down to earth like Batman is. Like the Man of Steel teaser for example, and shut up I know it’s just a teaser, but the fact is that you can see that they are trying to take a more human approach to his story which could go either way depending on what their actual focus is which we can only find out once more info is revealed. Not saying they’ve done anything wrong since we don’t even know who’s directing it(Affleck is not directing), but these are just things to consider after what we’ve seen so far.

DC’s #0 Month

As a Marvel fan I am telling anyone who is too to go out and pick up the DC 0’s while they are still fresh. Since reading a lot of them I have come to want to follow many of their stories now that I can understand them without having to go back and read everything that I missed. It was a great jumping point for many like me and I liked everyone of them that I picked up. DC did great here by giving a new perspective on these heroes origins, even though this is something they should have started with when they first started the New 52. A good number of #0’s were still unsuccessful, but it’s the thought that counts really and I can appreciate them for that.

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