A Picture Of Confidence And Pride

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Unlike some other comic readers, I for one am enjoying the fact that one of the new Hulk series is about Red She-Hulk. And coming to like her character more, it’s very easy to see the difference between her and Jennifer Walters aka. She-Hulk. Both are normal females though their Hulk personas magnify an aspect of them that makes them very likable characters. Those two aspects as the title suggests is Red She-Hulk’s pride and She-Hulks confidence.

Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

https://i1.wp.com/images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091011124955/hasbroheroes/images/b/bd/300px-She_Hulk_5_2004.jpg?resize=151%2C228 Jennifer Walters started off as a small town girl who was a criminal defense lawyer. Because her father was the sheriff it put a target on her back in which a crime boss put a hit out on her which put Jennifer in the hospital. This was around the same time Bruce came to visit and he gave her a blood transfusion being the only one with her same blood type. The combination of her rage and his radioactive blood turned her into the She-Hulk and she was able to defend herself when the thugs who were sent after her tried to finish the job.

Unlike the Hulk who was the embodiment of rage, in her case she became the embodiment of self confidence. Jennifer quickly took a liking to this form, not only because of the strength that came with it but for the fact that in her normal form she felt that she was more timorous and fragile. As the She-Hulk, Jennifer enjoyed the freedom, confidence, and assertiveness that it gave her not only as a lawyer but as a hero. Her confidence in herself is her greatest strength, and when she finally realized how strong she was in her normal state she was finally able to become one of the strongest and deadly females in the Marvel Universe.

Betty Ross/Red She-Hulk


Betty has always lived in the shadow of her father Thunderbolt Ross. Not as his successor but as his daughter who he always wanted to control. This was before she became the Red She-Hulk since her interactions with Bruce were frowned upon by her father. Most of Betty’s life has been trying to forge her own path, make her own decisions, be with who she wants to be, and stand her ground when told to do otherwise. Though she always defied her father and did what she pleased, it was always the fact that she was just human that she couldn’t get away with that for long as she was killed later on because of Abomination.

When she was revived as the Red She-Hulk, she finally had the strength to do what she wanted, when she wanted and no one could control her. Control is the key word as Betty’s pride as an individual is what drove her to prove her strength, to challenge authority, and like the Hulk says, SMASH! Sure she usually had let her anger could her judgements, but her intentions were always good as this was Betty’s new life and it was her time to take it back. This meant even going a few rounds with her father to show that she stood against everything he stands for. Pride is what Betty has, what she fights for, and no one can take that away from her.



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