X-Factor #255 Review

 X-Factor (2005) #255

X-Factor #255

Writer: Peter David
Cover Artist: David Yardin

In part six of Hell On Earth, we see X-Factor as their backs are against the wall. Up to now David has done well by keeping that sense of urgency consistent as they fight to save themselves and stop the Hell Lords. While some may find it selfish that Tier wanted to protect his own morals in taking a life rather than thinking of the many out there who suffer for his indecisiveness, it was a great way to show just what was at stake when they let that be their downfall.

Last issue a long overdue fight ensued between Guido and Monet. Two of the heavy hitters who both liked each other at some point yet hate each other now. Their interaction stood out in this issue because again we get to see that beneath Monet’s tough act she is still vulnerable. Not as someone who has anger problems, but as someone who is dying. Her problem is that she was always full of pride and David had always portrayed this side of her perfectly, to the point where it killed her because she continued to fight someone as strong as Guido out of rage. It was well executed and shocking that Guido decided to remain in hell with her corpse when they asked for his help against Mephisto.

The art was solid and had a dark tone which matched the end of the world tone of this story arc.

Score: 8.8/10


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