Chronicle’s Michael B. Jordan, The New Johnny Storm For ‘Fantastic Four’?

Check out the rumor below;

Josh Trank is reportedly considering a reunion with his Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan by casting him in the Fantastic Four do-over. Jordan would play Johnny Storm, The Human Torch. This would be the first African-American incarnation of Storm that anyone has seen, it’s something new.

Seeing his performance in Chronicle, and how many fans he won over with his role, he would actually work perfectly as Johnny Storm. Now whether Sue Storm will be black as well will be the question because in the end that’s what really counts and the one factor that will make this move make sense. We can only put our trust in Trank’s judgement because these kind of moves are risky. He is planning on changing a character that is one of the most popular in Marvel. Even his apparent death in the past caused an uproar.

Till we see a script, proof that this is final, and some visual of him as Johhny, we can only wait and see. But if Trank can pull it off then why not?


And stay tuned!

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