Avengers #11 Review

Avengers (2012) #11

Avengers #11

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Cover Artist: Dustin Weaver

Avengers #11 is something a bit different. It felt more like something out of Secret Avengers, but with the heroes Hickman chose for this mission it was actually entertaining. A.I.M. being who they are of course stole a weapon that they wished to sell to the highest payer and the mission is to get that weapon from them at all costs. While most seemed like they were a bit out of their element, Natasha was in an environment that she shined in. It was shocking to me and to most of her teammates that she would think to go as far as torturing Mr. Deeds and killing him to get the information they needed. And it was funny because she actually meant what she said. It was the reaction that sold that moment overall. Even more so when she actually killed those two guys in cold blood.

I could also say that Sam and Da Costa were both in their elements as well. Being Avengers was their chance at being able to live the good life and being in a casino surrounded by women is right up their alley. They actually managed to get caught and still talked their way out of a fight just to party. Hickman has really shown that he knows how to use his library of heroes at his disposal and create a dynamic that is interesting for the reader.

In the end what we take out of this is that Shang-Chi has now learned to adapt, and adapting for him is to know that he can rely on the use of weapons in combat. Tradition is always something he follows, yet even that can change. It was interesting in the end to find out that with his own fight he found out A.I.M.’s true intentions.

Score: 8/10


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