Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: David Finch

This issue is basically the set up to Catwoman #19 where the JLA sends her to Arkham Aslylum for a mission. Here we get to see what led them to sending her in to get the attention of the Secret Society. Again, they don’t know that she is working for the JLA so it makes her the perfect double agent to carry the mission through.

The story is progressing slowly, but what Johns is doing is building them into a team. Unlike most other teams, they have roles and they must play those roles in order for there to be any success in what they do. Whether it be Star Girl as the face of the team(against her will), or each individual member set up to match the original JLA, their team is set up like a machine. As we also can tell they still aren’t there being a bit dysfunctional, but that’s what we continue to read for. We want to see if they can develop, or fall apart because of their vast differences. I will say though that the dialogue at certain points can come off a bit dull, mainly when Trevor is speaking.

The end was a nice touch, though Martian Manhunter going through Selina’s memories seemed like things we already knew about her. It was only interesting when we got to see what goes on in his mind, and by Selina’s reaction to it, he’s just as broken as her, and maybe even worse.

Score: 7.9/10


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