The Strange Case of Madame Web: Where Is She?

Madame Web

With Marvel NOW! taking a turn towards time, where is the one who has seen it all?

After having a particularly strong vision of the future of the Marvel Universe, during Spider Island, Julia enters into a comatose state. But this was a long time go and it feels a bit cheap that she’s forgotten. The one person who has clues to the future of the Marvel Universe left in a comatose state and has the skill to prevent many of the past and coming events. She could have prevented Doc Ock from getting away with killing Peter(twice), prevented El Nihilo from sending that Origin Bomb to Earth and throwing the world into chaos, she could have even prevented the events of Age of Ultron from taking place, maybe even just being the key to stopping it.

I find it hard to believe that Marvel would just use her to give us a glimpse of what was to come and dispose of her. She has a power that not many heroes have or are able to utilize fully today. This is someone who took the role of her grandmother(former Madame Web) that would usually protect Peter from the threats that endangered his life. It didn’t strike me personally that she was still comatose till thinking of all the ways that his death could have been avoided. Then it all came back to one factor, Madame Web. She is the center of the Web of Life, she is supposed to be his guardian to an extent and still being a superhero she is more important to the world. Even being blind she can fight Spider-Man to a stalemate with his new fighting technique that he learned from Shang-Chi. There are some other heroes that they’ve shown not to value, but let’s not add her to the list because of a coma.

We could only hope that maybe this is a part of Marvel’s plan to let things turn into chaos before bringing her back? Seems logical when you think of it that way because that would bounce her all over the place. The only disappointment is that even so, whether for shock value, they shouldn’t just let a character like herself drop off readers radar when she held such an important piece of what brought us the many stories we are reading today.



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