Astonishing X-Men #62 Review

Astonishing X-Men (2004) #62

Astonishing X-Men #62

Writer: Marjorie Liu
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Astonishing X-Men #62 is the aftermath to X-Termination, where Beast stuck a piece of the death seed in Iceman’s back. He doesn’t realize this, but this issue shows us how that little piece can affect someone like him. It starts with endless nights of sleep to random bursts of anger as the seed corrupts him. Liu did well trying to show his decent into darkness because this here is not Bobby. By the end of the issue he was not himself anymore and what we are more familiar with is the wisecracking mutant that doesn’t take much seriously. It left him empty and destructive causing what they call an Apocalypse.

It’s a good change for the story to come and you can tell how intense this story could potentially become with Iceman being an omega class mutant to add. The fact that all his ex-girlfriends suddenly emerged seems a bit risky and questionable, but we can only hope there is a good reason for it. Maybe as the cover shows, there is another side of him that he isn’t aware of. Mystique’s involvement is questionable as well given her stance on the X-Men in All New X-Men. The only part that seemed unnecessary was the short bit with Thor, unless he’s to to be important to the story later on. Overall it seems that this issue was built on potential scenarios that would or will take place as time progresses.

Score: 7.5/10


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