Having A Potential For Evil In Comics

A potential to be evil, everybody has it whether it is latent, they are on the verge to becoming, or just needing that push to make the change. This was another theme of Avengers Academy and Journey Into Mystery that really gets you thinking about what leads characters down that path.

It’s All About What You Can Do

When I look at the potential to be evil, it’s all about what you can do, what you are capable of doing. I’ve always come to like those who tread along the line of good and evil because there’s always that inner turmoil and drive to be better while having that rope that’s slightly tugging them in the opposite direction. It’s fun to see how their actions can affect them in the future and that alone is why I tend to like anti-heroes more than pure heroes.

In Avengers Academy, all the characters were chosen not because they had the potential to be Avengers, but because they had the greatest potential to turn evil. Most of them had little control over their powers, had some emotional problems that could lead them down the wrong road, and the rest basically had very destructive powers that’s enough to take out a city block. Everything was fine for them until they had realized that the main reason for their enrollment was because they weren’t trusted. It was that mistrust that really created their potential for evil. From there they basically questioned everything they did and every decision they made which ultimately was doing them more harm than good.

In Journey Into Mystery, it was pretty obvious that Loki always has the potential for evil. Though this new incarnation of Loki used that potential to his advantage. Knowing what he was capable of doing since it was in his nature was his way of surviving where everyone else relied on power or skill. And not only was it his way of surviving, but because he knew right and wrong so well he knew his limits even when he did something reckless to try to save the day.


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