Michael B. Jordan Responds To Rumors Of Fantastic Four Role


Two weeks ago a rumor started that Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan was being eyed for the role of Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch, in Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Of course controversy started over this and there is still no confirmation of this rumor.

Now we have quotes from Michael B. Jordan on the issues regarding his possible role in the reboot to come. His general response so far is;

“That’s not real yet,” Jordan said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“Everyone knows we’re good friends. It’s something that if it happened I would be ecstatic,” Jordan also told USA Today “giving a big wink.” “I’d love to be a part of it.”

Jordan also addresses the issue circulating the comic community about the change in ethnicity.

“Things change and time goes on, it’s 2013 right now,” he said. The characteristics of the Human Torch are his name is Johnny Storm, he’s charismatic, and he’s a playboy. That’s it. You know what I’m saying? That’s all there is.”

All that we know of for sure is that Trank is directing from script with Seth Grahame-Smith, Michael Green and Jeremy Slater. Though another casting rumor for the film includes “Girls” star Allison Williams in an unspecified role that many believe to be Sue Storm, AKA The Invisible Woman. Production is assumed to begin soon with the film targeting a March 6, 2015 release.


And stay tuned!

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