The Shadow #13 Review

 The Shadow 013 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

The Shadow #13

Writer: Chris Roberson
Cover Artist: Giovanni Timpano

The Shadow #13 is a slow paced issue. Starts off with a man surrounded by three woman, and a vigilante takes his life explaining to him that he is a “Divine soul in corrupted flesh”. Lady Phantom, comes off like the Shadow though a bit less forgiving to those she deems unworthy of life. All 4 of the people she has killed and have no known connections which makes the matters more urgent to Cranston aka. The Shadow, who seems very set on finding out who she is and avenging those people she had slain. He of course does believe in Justice, though what she does isn’t acceptable by his standards.

He as usual shows his skill in detective work as he sets up a meeting with the commissioner at a restaurant to see what he knows about Lady Phantom. He gets some information out of him, though even the commissioner doesn’t believe in who the person is that is actually committing these crimes. This of course leads him to who might be the next victim, who he finds in his hotel room drunk with his arm cut by Lady Phantom. It’s a solid build up to see how he confronts this woman because she doesn’t seem to show any remorse for her victims.

It did feel as though the dialogue fell a bit flat, but overall it was solid for what’s to come next.

Score: 8/10


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