X-Factor #256 Review

X-Factor #256

X-Factor #256

Writer: Peter David
Cover Artist: David Yardin

The conclusion to David’s Hell on Earth. Continuing from the dramatic death of Monet, they now set forth to take the fight to Mephisto. It was an interesting war as they took on Mephisto’s army with an army of demon Jamie clones, with the real one locked in a force field to keep safe. They put up enough of a fight to force Mephisto to make a deal with the other Hell Lords to stand a chance. Leading to the shocking demise of those Hell Lords and Santana at the hands of Tier who killed them while chained up. He really stepped up as he almost killed Mephisto when they finally clashed. Too bad that it didn’t end well for him when Guido spears him through the chest, basically winning the war.

If anything the ending to this story sold it all. Guido doing the most humane thing he could as someone who lost his soul. He damned himself to be King of Hell, and just to save Monet. Someone who mocked him for having no soul, blamed him for things out of his control, and tried to kill him when she assumed he was her enemy. It was a great story arc from beginning to end, and you can only anticipate the fallout from these events. Rahne has to deal with her son’s death, Monet has to deal with her resurrection, and we don’t know if Jamie is back to normal.

Score: 9.4/10


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