Iron Man: Secret Origins Can Make A Great Reboot

Iron Man's Secret Origins

After reading Iron Man’s Secret Origins, I almost wish they made a movie based on that instead. Sucks it’s a story they just made now.

As of recently we all thought we knew Tony Stark. Just as we figured him out, the writers were able to throw us a curve ball. Tony now faces the harsh reality of his true origins. Having seen many tales of Tony’s origin’s this has to be the most shocking. Tony learns about the shocking sacrifices his father had made in order to make sure his wife could give birth to a healthy child.¬†With the aid of Dum Dum Dugan, Thunderbolt Ross, Jimmy Woo, and some others, Howard was able to pull a fast one on a morbidly obese alien gangster and steal away 451. Overall it is a fun story, serious of course when Tony comes to realize his true beginnings, but the heist was fun knowing how heroic his dad is and how many connections he had around the world. For someone who doesn’t have a suit, Howard Stark has just as much skills as Tony, and maybe even more.


This story was delivered cleverly enough to be memorable. When looking back at Tony’s origins, this is a story that can be referenced to and even implemented in many stories to come. This may even influence some great stories in the near future.

Besides the casual fans and audience that really don’t understand Tony, this story I think would be a fresh take. Not to overshadow how he became Iron Man, but this is something that would really shock the audience and see him as more than just a man in a suit. Secrets run deep in his family, Reed Richards family as well, and it’s that which molded them into the heroes they are today. As a whole it would be very nice to get a peak at the true family element in superhero stories and this twist they created for Tony’s origin does just that.

We aren’t seeing traditional superhero storytelling here. What we get is something real, not in terms of what’s logical, but in terms of what we see everyday. What lengths a family will go to protect the ones closest to them. Howard and his wife tried everything, went everywhere, just to save their child’s life. The mission they went on as their final act of desperation could have very well got them killed, and they risked it all, that is family in a nutshell. On the big screen, implemented in some way this could make for a great adaptation, if not for just a spin off.


And stay tuned!

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