Deadpool #10 Review

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Deadpool #10

Written by: Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan
Art by: Mike Hawthorne

The misadventures of Wade and friends continues in Deadpool #10. Mike is dead, his supposed friends aren’t very happy with his decisions as of recently, and now he must find a way to change the game in his favor to reclaim Mike’s soul. Though right now we continue through the list of people he has to kill, next up Gump. The businessman, now villain with precognitive powers. And with that has seen Deadpool coming and hired Taskmaster, Lady Stilt Man, Trapster, and Batroc to protect him. As the cover showed us, Superior Spider-Man comes to his aid in a surprising meet up.

The reference humor in this issue has been very entertaining. References to he and Spider-Man’s many team ups, just the fact that they’ve teamed up with almost every major hero in the Marvel Universe. To those who use sites such as Tumblr you would have stumbled across the many “ships” of Spider-Man and Deadpool in some questionable positions which is what made Spider-Man giving him a piggy-back ride pretty funny.

Though it is humorous, the book does suffer from a lack of seriousness which makes the book engaging. Posehn and Duggan, know Deadpool’s humor and how to take advantage of it, though right now their writing has started to feel flat and it feels that the story is dragging on.

Score: 6.7/10


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