Injustice: Gods Among Us #20 Review

Injustice - Gods Among Us (2013-) 020-000

Injustice: Gods Among Us #20

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Tom Derenick

Injustice: Gods Among Us #20 takes us back on track as Tom now has us following the story from Superman’s perspective. Though not in a way that grabs you, but it’s well paced for a story that’s about progression into the known destination. Back to ground zero of the event that started everything.

This was more of a story that brought about suspense. With the decent of Superman and the heroes that follow him as they became more active around the world, they have painted targets on their back. By powerful people, and those who could take advantage of Superman because the destruction and loss of Lois has left him vulnerable. Though not suspense that led to something shocking, it was once again Tom Taylor putting everyone where they needed to be. We already knew where Lex stands for those of us who played the game, but how he got that close to Superman was always the question since in the world we are more familiar with, they are enemies.

This issue like most of the book does a well enough job of creating more questions than answering them. Keeps you guessing because again you only know the end result. Even to question who it is on the other end that is apparently a double agent working for Batman while tricking Superman into thinking he has their loyalty.

The one thing that you can take from this issue is how differently the characters are portrayed, mainly Lex Luther. It was definitely a curve ball not only to the readers, but to the Justice League that he knew all of their identities. You’d think that it’s just because of his apparent close relationship to Superman that he figured this out, but even Superman himself was shown to be shocked. Again, a weaker issue compared to the last few previous, yet all the same clever writing from Tom Taylor.

Score: 8.1/10


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