Deathmatch #6 Review

Deathmatch 006-000

Deathmatch #6

Written by: Paul Jenkins
Art by: Carlos Magno

As time is running out, Deathmatch #6 shows us how the heroes start to crumble as their backs are against the wall. Again, not only are they losing numbers in battles they cannot avoid, losing numbers to the many villains the heroes are stuck with mutually, more to their attempts at escaping, but now to a force that is so powerful that even the arena is powered to keep it contained.

Paul Jenkins continues to show us what it means to be a hero from their perspective, and what they will sacrifice for the greater good. At this point, every person they lose is a lost hope towards escaping. Those hopes crumbled when they lose Sol, one of their strongest. Makes you question if their captors are raising the stakes by putting their strongest in a fight where he is completely vulnerable, or in this case where he was actually dying. Aside from this, what stood out was diving into Omi-Engine’s inner most thoughts that have been haunting him for some issues now. Not that this voice has just been awakened, but in this moment of weakness you see how it takes advantage of his state of mind.

And now things start to pick up as it took Mink’s death to push Dragonfly to question Meridian, the one person who actually knows why they are in this situation. The question now is, “Who is Anti-Meridian?”

Score: 8.6/10


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