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Spidey Noir

So I was very late to finally reading the Marvel Noir books. Late, yet loved them and really wish it was something they continued for other heroes as well. Like I was saying earlier this week, pulp stories are very entertaining and need more exposure to mainstream readers. So here’s a list I compiled of those that I’d love to see made into stories.

 Bruce Banner/Hulk

Normally we’d expect to see Bruce Hulking out into the green behemoth, but not what I’d want from him in a book like this. What I’d like to see is both as separate people. The brain and the muscle. Having Bruce as the sadistic scientist and the Hulk being the angered muscle head who protects him from the outside world. In this case both are the monsters and depend on each other when everyone else is untrustworthy.

Pepper Potts

Everything else may be more action packed, yet this one will provide something different. Something that is purely on the business side, and Pepper being a business woman fits that role perfectly. Connect her to Tony, don’t connect her to Tony, but put her in that position of power and giver her the wits to rule behind the desk.

Doctor Strange

Magic, the one thing that would really be abnormal amongst the rest. Set Doctor Strange as a magician, maybe a hired hand who uses his magical abilities to make money on the side. If so even make him a scammer who is just really good at pulling off the illusion of magic. There’s so many directions to take with the use of magic and a character like Strange will make it exciting.

Heroes For Hire

Then we have everyone else to call upon by Misty Knight as she uses their various skill-sets to solve crimes. In this type of world everything is about favors and having favors means having power. Being able to have anyone owe you that to get their hands dirty makes for a great story. If anything this could create crossovers, or support the world all on it’s own.

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