The Better Director Of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

If there are two names that stand out when SHIELD is involved, it’s Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Up to now control has constantly been switching up between the two, though now it is in complete control by Maria Hill. She’s just as much of a leader as Nick Fury and has proven so countless times. Though the question now is who was the better director?

Nick Fury is a man of experience and more secrets than you could ever imagine. Given that for most of his life he has lived off the infinity formula that slows down your aging, he’s been around longer than you’d imagine. And throughout the duration of that time he’s been in the fray of everything important that has led to where most stand now. It is the combination of years of experience on the field, vast knowledge of the world known/unknown, and skills acquired that brought Nick to becoming the director of SHIELD.

He has done many things good, yet at the same time not so good yet were all for the right intentions. He is a man that was willing to throw his reputation away on a dimes notice just to save the world. He did so and at the same time paid for what he has had to do in order to get the job done. He moved on to working as a rogue agent doing what he does best behind the scenes. He remained in contact with Earth’s heroes and keeps an eye on their activities. He provides the New Avengers with a special serum, created as a combination of the Super-Soldier serum and the Infinity Formula, to help Mockingbird when she was shot during a raid on a H.A.M.M.E.R. base.Fury later expends the last sample of the Infinity Formula to save Bucky’s life. He remains immortal due to trace amounts of the formula in his body

At the end of it all Nick Fury retires, and his son joins S.H.I.E.L.D. Johnson(movie version) changes his name to his original birth name of Nick Fury Jr., as he and Agent Coulson move up in ranking.

Though he’s gone he has done so much with little care for recognition and to disappear off the radar at the end when he felt that his duty to the world was finished.

Maria Hill

A the disaster of the Secret War and its effect on New York City, S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury had gone into hiding. Being viewed by leaders of several nations as being both an efficient agent and, more importantly in their eyes, not directly loyal to Fury, she was appointed Executive Director. Unlike Fury, Hill has a great distrust in the superpowered and had the belief that they weren’t really needed in the world. Her tough attitude alone made her the most hated among the superhero community and most would have loved nothing more than to throw her out the first window.

It was this attitude alone that caused her many more failures than success when she faced threats way out of her league, and where do you turn to when you need people more than human? It was after her biggest failure during the Civil War that caused her to step down from her position and give it to Stark. Soon enough SHIELD  as a whole was decommissioned and she was let go.

Even so she continued to take jobs on the side doing underground work whether it was fighting off the Skrulls, helping Tony reclaim his memories during Siege, and led the Avengers during Fear Itself. It was this change in her demeanor that led to Rogers deciding to reactivate S.H.I.E.L.D., with Maria again in the charge of deputy director. Now she works a lot better with many heroes even if she still is strict on their actions. She follows the rules, makes sure everyone else does too and doesn’t get too involved in what she takes part in to avoid being compromise.

Choice: Maria Hill

In the end Fury is the better director based on his experience, though Maria if we are speaking of who is keeping things more controlled at the moment. Despite Fury being able to act on what he thinks is right, Maria follows the rules and that is what has kept SHIELD from falling apart again. What they needed was more structure and that is what Maria provided as the new director. She just needed to learn that she had to depend on the supers of the world in order to do so.


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