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As a second rate villain who is seen only as a joke, Arcade is one who neither comic readers or those within the books have ever taken seriously. AA takes a closer look into what was, and what is now as Arcade takes back the respect he so truly believes he deserves.

A shamed villain, one of the lowest. Of course not low in a good way, but the world sees him as nothing but a joke. The mastermind behind the craziest games, taken place in Murderworld, yet there’s no murder….. Arcade is a privileged man who wastes his life putting heroes in life or death games that they always beat. Time after time this happens and someone like Arcade has never stopped once to consider that he may be forgetting what it means to be a villain. I mean what kind of villain sits in a room with A or B lists and has nothing to show for it? Nothing but videos of himself being turned into a joke for failing. Now is when you dig into what can turn a man like Arcade sour. All that wealth blinded Arcade, so much that even as his peer mocked him, it took up to his most recent birth day to realize what people really thought of him. They didn’t see the world through his eyes, they didn’t understand the games the way he did. To every single villain out there, it’s either you kill, or you aren’t worth jack. All it took in the end was for him to get beaten by his own peer, and read a book that had shown him how a real game is played.

Avengers Arena then came into play. 16 super powered teens taken by Arcade to Murderworld to fight each other to the death. Arcade seems to have sufficient technology to physically capture and hold all 16 of them. After releasing them from stasis, some of the teens attacked Arcade but to no avail. The teens stopped when it appears that Arcade can’t be defeated. Arcade instructs the teens that if they want to survive they will have to kill to live.


This time around. Arcade makes the rules and the rules he laid out are not to be broken. He is a new man and on a mission to show that he is as much of a villain as any of the others who mocked him for losing all his life. For once he feels like a winner because he has actually pushed these teens to kill. This is a nonchalant business man, who now has a new motivation through life and is willing to end life with little care. What’s to come for this madman? Only the upcoming events of Avengers Arena will tell!


And stay tuned!

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