Appreciation Of Wolverine Through Evolution


Wolverine as many would say is overrated due to the fact that he is overused and can’t be killed. Though he may be overused at times, it comes with good reason. With Wolverine there is a reason for the many appearance he makes or why a certain stories may be centered around him.

I’m not gonna go that far back, but as we know Wolverine had always started off as that one X-Men who was always rogue and wanted to do his own thing. But seeing as to how close-knit the X-Men are that didn’t last quite long as he finally allowed himself to open up to those around him, even Cyclops who he had despised for so long. Wolverine became a key member of the team and got them out of many life threatening situations and against many foes who would have loved to see them all dead and extinct.


It was when Wolverine finally came to accept who he was and that the world didn’t revolve around him that he was able to become the hero that he is today. He took the time to set out and find himself and his purpose which was to protect the ones closest to him and his own kind. Not only this but he spent time as an Avenger too representing the mutant community as one of the most known and feared heroes in the world. He was always there when needed and found the prefect balance between both teams. Now some of you can say that he really had no place being an Avenger or being a part of most world events, but while Wolverine is one of the only X-Men that has done more outside of the mutant community and because of that he is easily the most reasonable to turn to for help and most trustworthy.

When the X-Men got in a bind due to their numbers dwindling, the mutant community formed a militia-like power. Cyclops was their leader with Wolverine as his right hand man. This Wolverine was the soldier who was willing to take orders without question and get the job done to keep what remained of the population safe from extinction. Now he had taken this position because at this point Wolverine had been able to find trust in people, mainly Cyclops, though this didn’t last too long. He had hoped that from doing what Cyclops wanted and taking all the responsibility that no one else would have to. This wasn’t the case as Cyclops had some vision of everyone being soldiers ready for combat, including the kids. Cyclops had wanted them to be able to fight for their survival instead of learning how to survive, this is where they differed in ideas. Wolverine didn’t want the kids to take part in any of the violence and didn’t like the idea of anyone being forced to kill if they didn’t have to. This biggest change came when Idie, another young mutant had told him to his face that she accepted being a “monster” and that she would burn in hell for being an abomination. That was the final straw for Wolverine because she had killed a bunch of people under Cyclops orders with no regret(mind you she is 14 years old too).

From there Wolverine went his way which was following in Professor X’s foot steps by taking the kids who wanted no part in the violence and rebuilding the school now called the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. From here he wanted to give the students the life they deserved being able to learn how to survive in the real world rather than fight a war they have no business being a part of. And with the school being built Wolverine had to continue X-Force to be able to eliminate any and all enemies that were left standing because this was the start of a new future in his eyes and he didn’t want to wait and have them attack the school or the students.

With Uncanny X-Force any of you could look at this as another hack and slash team that Wolverine is a part of, but it goes so much deeper than that. This is Wolverine’s redemption, everything he has done wrong, every person he has killed and every sin he has made pushed him to keep this team going after its original intent to bring about a world that is safer for the kids at the school and other mutants around the world. He remembers every person he has killed and every soul haunts him in his dreams, but in the end the one thing that is clear to Wolverine and those that are a part of that team is that only they can carry this burden, only they can do what most others don’t have the stomach to do and live to tell the tale. He has taken the fight to every threat he has ever comes across before they came knocking at his door for the fact that he wants no more bloodshed, no more friends or loved ones dying and no one to have to feel they are a monster for killing to survive.

The next time you call Wolverine overrated, remember that his story goes so much deeper than a weapon or invincible weapon that Marvel relies on.

wolverine and the x-men school


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