Azazel: King of Neyaphem, Lord of Heaven and Hell?


For a while now Azazel has been gone and we have to wonder, what happened to him between the last time we saw him and now?

The last time we saw Azazel, the X-Men defeated Azazel and his army and banished him to an unknown oblivion. This was when he tried to use his children(Nightcrawler included) as a gateway out of his world. Now, after several years, Azazel’s whereabouts have been unknown, but he managed to resurface in this dimension(Wolverine and X-Men #23), along with a few Azazel-like Bamfs. It was apparently him who brought all of them to this dimension, even those in the school. So you can only imagine how long he has probably been using them to spy on the X-Men, let alone if he has something bigger planned and leaving them as tiny bombs to set off. Then also revealing himself to be the master of the former Frankenstein’s Monster’s ally Calcabrina.


And now, at this time, he is now working for Kade Kilgore’s new school, the Hellfire Academy. On top of claiming to have taken over both Heaven and Hell. How? That is the biggest question, and leaves more questions than answers that we can anticipate. It really does make you wonder though, if he controls Heaven and Hell, why is he working for a kid like Kilgore? Psychotic kids who have killed their parents and work only to make money off of wars they create. For someone of such status, it almost seems beneath him to align himself with such people. Unless, he has come for revenge blaming the X-Men for Nightcrawlers death. Despite Nightcrawlers hate for him, they are still family and we don’t know exactly what Azazel’s feelings are towards him.

We also have to question if the writers are willing to dare bringing back Nightcrawler. That shadowy figure asking for help in Wolverine and The X-Men really did look like him underneath that white cloak and given the power Azazel supposedly has now, anything can happen.


And stay tuned!

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