DC Reveals Their September Event, Villain Month


September will be a big month thanks to DC’s infamous anti-heroes, the villains. The villains own the spotlight, and have special 3D covers to show off.

September has always been a big month for DC. From launching the New 52 with all-new continuity and new costumes, revealing Zero Month was all about origins of our heroes, and now Villains Month in which the villains are taking over. They always aim to do something big during the time of September. One of the strengths of the DC Universe has been the strength of the rogues gallery as stated by Jim Lee.  Often times they’re as famous and if not more infamous than the heroes of the DC Universe.

This story takes place after the summer event called Trinity War, and there are supposed to be events that take place at the conclusion that will launch us into the first major cross over in the New 52, which is now called called Forever Evil. Forever Evil is primarily focused on all the villains of the DC Universe. The seven issue limited-series will invade plenty of pre-existing titles and even spawn some new ones as well.

Now check out the 3D covers below!

Bizzaro #1 Creeper #1 Cyborg Superman #1 Darkseid #1 Desaad #1 Grood #1 Poison Ivy #1 Relic #1 Two Face #1 Ventriloquist #1


And stay tuned!

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