AA Comic Recommendation: Suicide Squad

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An underrated team book from DC that deserves a bit of attention is none other than Suicide Squad, starring Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad is a covert black ops government strike team that is comprised of imprisoned supervillains who have agree to serve as expendable agents performing extremely dangerous missions. If you want you can say it’s DC’s parallel to Marvel’s Thunderbolts team. Their service to this team is to grant themselves pardons for their crimes that got them there in the first place. Of course they do have explosives implanted to make sure that they don’t attempt to escape or fall out of line. The team is run by Amanda Waller, a stone cold leader who cares little for their well being. Diving into this book you’d expect this book to be very grim and action driven, but it turns out to be very entertaining. You can thank Harley Quinn for the entertaining moments of the book, but overall it’s just their interactions that makes it appealing.

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What is great is that we all already know how cynical Waller can be. This is nothing new and throughout this series we get to see the degree of which she would take things to get the results she wants. Bringing them back to life just so they can’t escape their sentences(Deadshot), and caring less when they actually die. You see little humanity or decency from her as she treats them like tools. The type of person so drawn in to their job that reality escapes them.

As for the rest of the team it’s a progressive story as well because you get to see what makes them all tick. They are all there because they are out of control and many are not completely sane. Like Harley Quinn, we all know who she used to be before she became psychotic, and as the story progresses you see that inner struggle to find herself and control these two sides of her that are making her feel conflicted about everything that she does. That is what you get out of this book and so much more. You have the mystery behind Waller motives, mystery behind their purpose, and the question about how much is enough for this team under Waller’s command.


It’s a well put together story that makes you yourself question how you feel about everything that they do and how they’re treated. It’s worth a read and it’s one of those that you just have to stick with because it has twists and it’s always getting better like the new story arc now. It’s very much preferred to start at #1, but if you want to get in where things are getting intense, then you will grab issue #20 and enjoy it’s new direction of Ales Kot!


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