Open Thought’s On Superior Spider-Man

Here’s an open analysis and thoughts on the progression of Superior Spider-Man from issues #1-11.

This story started out as Otto trying to be the Superior Spider-Man, the superior Peter Parker. We see this villain who in every way is a train wreck waiting to happen pass himself off as one of the greatest heroes to walk this Earth. Using Peter’s memories to better him in everything he has done, and everything that he is. Of course this leads him on many paths in which he realizes he can’t be better. At a point finally coming to the conclusion that the only way to succeed is to be himself. To be a Superior Spider-Man, but the Spider-Man and Peter Parker that he wants to be. Peter lived his life and had it good, now Otto wants to take a life he feels was squandered and accomplish something big.

Why Otto has shown to deserve this chance is becauseĀ  of Peter being selfish trying to find a way to take back his body. Sabotaging a little girls surgery just so that he could keep that small chance of Otto discovering him less likely. Otto is no saint but you really do have to hope it stays this way for longer than the upset fans demand. Like the Massacre incident, this status quo lets areas like lethal force be explored and that’s interesting for a Spider-Man book. As smart as Peter is, he should have been tapping his potential and coming up with actual solutions instead of band-aids.

superior spider-man

What we see here is the line drawn in sand, that they’re two completely different people and personalities. Ock is an egomaniac who for the most part spent his life trying to kill Spider-Man. We can obviously expect that he is gonna say how better he is than Parker ever was. He’s going to scream to the heavens how superior he is in every way. It’s understood if people don’t like the direction, but some of the logic being used against Otto’s actions are very flawed. It’s not Peter, it’s his arch enemy taking advantage of his bodies capabilities. There is no need to people expect him to act like Peter. In the end he’s Doctor Octopus, he’s a villain, and will never be Peter Parker. In fact, straight from his mouth when he rid himself of Peter completely was, “Now I can be the Spider-Man I want to be”.

Yes he may have brutalized villains, and would have killed them as well given the chance. But, he did what had to be done. He reacted in a way that “he” would react in that kind of situation. We see what it means to be a hero from a new set of eyes, and what has to be done in order to make sure no life is lost because the hero wants to protect their own image. Otto shows to reject traditional hero values, and shows to be right in doing so. Though his methods are aggressive, the people have never stood up for Spider-Man more than they do now.

For fans who want to see change and find this entertaining, then Slott is doing a great job. This is a story which should go on as long as possible because heroes come and go, and the same can be said about how they present themselves as heroes. Otto is the next step in the heroic think tank, questioning what needs or has to be done to create solutions, instead of burying it to only resurface.


And stay tuned!

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