Batwing #21 Review

Batwing (2011-) 021-000

Batwing #21

Written by: Jimmy Palomiotti and Justine Gray
Art by: Eduardo Pansica

Things are definitely looking grim in Batwing #21 as Batwing faces Lion-Mane. You read this issue and already forget that this is a new Batwing because from beginning to end the book keeps you engaged. You can tell Palomoitti and Gray’s intention was creating a Batwing that really separates himself from the rest and he surely does. He’s Batman from a different perspective and one that you find more amusing given his attitude behind the mask and without.

Palomiotti shows resourcefulness in how he uses this Batwing in combat situations. Where most others in the Bat Family rely on this physical skills, he makes use of the many weapons in his suit. Makes his style a bit unorthodox, but that’s also what makes him more appealing than the previous Batwing. Not to mention that being sarcastic is a plus, as being both an asset in battle and making a serious moment seem more entertaining since Lion-Mane does sound cheesy.

As Lucas you find him more relatable than others because he’s a young adult who wants to forge his own path instead of following the one set for him by his parents. You find his real life to be just as engaging as when he puts on the mask because he is forced to keep his identity hidden from his parents who for one would be angered his his choices, and second, would be put in harms way.

The art by Pansica has also made the actions portrayed look real. The fine lines used allow for more details between the design of he characters, making the blood actually look like blood, and even making the environment around them stand out.

Score: 8.0/10

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