Thanos Rising #3 Review

Thanos Rising 003-000

Thanos Rising #3

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Simone Bianchi

Thanos Rising #3 continues the story of young Thanos as he continues to find purpose for his life. A book supposed to showcase the twisted nature of Thanos as he grew up. Sadly that has not been the case as not much screams exciting at this point in the story.

While some parts of it were well executed, many parts which were supposed to shock  you fell flat. At this point you know he’s a monster and is confused about who he is and his place. But at a point, at this point, you lose sympathy for him. You just see him as every other monster out there. While it seems that Jason tries to make Thanos seem unique through tragedy, you only see someone who should have realized his nature long ago. Yes you felt bad for him as a child, misunderstood and different from the rest of his peers. Yet that’s it, and the parts with him having affairs with all these women really didn’t have much impact.

The only redeeming part of this issue was the return of his childhood friend. The one girl who saw him for who he really is and was hard to impress. We know he has a drive for power to impress Death as an adult, but here we have this missing link who made him the Mad Titan he is today. I could also add the artistic tone of the book which does in fact make each situation Thanos finds himself in look grim. It’s the tone that you see, but sadly not the one you feel.

While the story doesn’t deliver as much as you’d expect, you can only hope that now with Thanos older, there is something to push to towards the end of your seat.

Score: 6.6/10

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