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Today’s comic recommendation is Gail Simone’s new title, The Movement. See why you should be picking up this book!

It’s only on it’s second issue, and yet it has turned out to be very exciting. Not because of how young the heroes are, but how different it is from other books out there. We all know DC to be full of the big guns, the gods among men. But then you reach this book and you see life from the perspective of those who don’t have that kind of power. Those who live in a world full of super-powered, yet still find themselves falling prey to injustice. Living in fear because those who are sworn to protect them are corrupt and think little of their well being.  Gail phrased it best, “The fun of something like THE MOVEMENT is that it’s a logical extension of how citizens who aren’t media giant journalists, Gotham billionaires, or mythical princesses view the way power works in the DCU.” If that isn’t enough to get you to read this book, then I don’t know what. Either way there is more.

The Movement has been an engaging story of the struggle against injustice on behalf of the little guy, the powerless and innocent. That is what we were introduced to in the first issue and the second as well. The little guy being this group of misfits who have taken it upon themselevs to make a difference. They’ve already sent a message by taking hostage two corrupt officers. This creates that environment where they have to question “How far are we willing to go?”, just to send a message to those in power.


For those who are fans of Runaways, you get that vibe from this book. Everything from the group dynamic, diversity, and intensity the world around them brings about. You see how different they are from each other, yet fight for the same cause. While the cause keeps them together, it doesn’t stop them from disagreeing with each other or creating unnecessary drama. All this is what Gail Simone gives us and more when you see the natural reactions from them as their backs are against the wall. Cast aside the fact that they aren’t normal, in their world they are as grounded as you can get. As real as you can get while given the power to make a difference.

It seems there are many themes to take out of this story as well. It adds a touch of realism when other stories over reach into the impossible. Here we have questions of morality, what is humane? What line will you cross for justice? There’s so much to be explored and this is the book which allows enough freedom to do so.

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