What Is Mighty Avengers?

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Starting in September, it’s Mighty Avengers, by Al Ewing and Greg Land, featuring the likes of Luke Cage, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, White Tiger, Blue Marvel, Power Man…and more!

MightyAvengers Promo“Mighty Avengers is launching in the midst of Infinity. It’s a pretty key component. The gist of the opening story is that the Avengers are off in space dealing with the Builders and in their absence, Thanos comes to Earth. A number of other characters rise up and join together to oppose to what’s going on, arraying themselves around Luke Cage. ‘If the Avengers aren’t here, we’re the Avengers.'” – Tom Brevoort

Marvel again is taking advantage of the storylines present by using this opportunity to launch a different kind of Avengers title out of Infinity. Something different that isn’t just another Avengers book. Monica Rambeau is confirmed to be on the team. She’s the field leader. New costume, new name, kind of rejoining and rebranding herself. She’ll be called Spectrum. The Falcon and a new Ronin will also be part of the book. Ronin having a completely different identity.

It’s an interesting meeting of heroes because you have Ronin who’s a mystery, Blue Marvel as someone who takes orders, Power Man who is bad at taking orders, and Luke Cage who advises the team and gives the order. A combination that should bring about some exciting dialogue and team dynamics. Luke brings in She-Hulk as much for her legal knowledge as her powers. Al Ewing says “I don’t think there’s anybody on this team who is an automatic blind follower. They’re all going to have their own ideas on how to deal with situations. It’s not Professor Yes and the Yes Men.”

Mighty Avengers VariantThe one thing that sticks out most about this book is the diversity on this team. And in response┬áTom Brevoort had this to say “The racial diversity of the line-up is no accident, really. I’ve always responded to people asking why we don’t have a black Avengers or Latino Avengers that it feels artificial. But, the reality is that people who want to see characters in comics representing them have a point. We first started conceptualizing this book in February around Black History Month and the anniversary of the death of my friend Dwayne McDuffie. So I set out no to do ‘Black Avengers’ but more Dwayne McDuffie Avengers. I wanted to have a minimum of non-white characters but not have that necessarily be the point, then a lot of the characters who fit into what we wanted to do ended up being minorities. It’s not a ‘solution’ to lack of diversity elsewhere, but it’s something we considered.”

Tom also mentions “This is a team that initially comes together out of necessity because the world is in jeopardy and the guys who would usually step up to the plate are otherwise occupied. Thereafter, personalities gel and a framework begins to evolve that defines the goals of the team, their vision, their work. The cast will evolve beyond these nine characters.”

Al makes it a point to emphasize as well that we’ll be getting Thanos lieutenants, some other new villains, an old villain with a connection to White Tiger and more. And rests us assure that Plunderer is not the toughest threat they will face as a team.

Mighty Avengers variant 2

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