The Positives of DC’s Villain’s Month

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With the reveal of DC’s September event, Villain’s Month, views on this have been split with many unsure of their interest. With that said, there needs to be something said as to the positives of this event.

Let’s start off with what we know already. This story takes place after the summer event called Trinity War, and there are supposed to be events that take place at the conclusion that will launch us into the first major cross over in the New 52, which is now called called Forever Evil. Forever Evil is primarily focused on all the villains of the DC Universe. The seven issue limited-series will invade plenty of pre-existing titles and even spawn some new ones as well.

Could it be a gimmick? Sure it could, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s something new for them and creative. What this event does is give writers and artists a little more creative room to do something with these villains hasn’t been done before. It’s about putting the spotlight on the characters of the DC Universe that make the heroes as appealing as they come off. We’ve had our fair share of books focused on heroes, we’ve had our fair share of books focused on Heroes vs. Villains. Yet, now we have something dedicated to just the villains of the DC Universe and for once puts the ball in their court. For just one month you get to see what can be done with these characters when given the opportunity.


One of the strengths of the DC Universe has always been the strength of the rogues gallery. More Often they’re as famous if not more infamous than the heroes of the DC Universe. We are at that point where you can’t look for different and expect change, yet not accept it even when it is over the span of a month. DC is taking advantage of the one thing they can proudly say that they have over Marvel. A vast collection of villain’s who stand out on their own. Any character that can stand out on their own, good or bad, is worth giving that spotlight when the chance arises to do so.

We as the readers get to explore what darkness means and the levels of darkness that are within each of these villains. As Geoff Johns says, “There are some that want to rule the world, there are some that simply want to put food on the table, there are some who want to simply kill for the thrill, and there are some who don’t consider themselves a villain.” We aren’t given generic stories in which the villain has some grand scheme that’s doomed to fail from the start. What the writers and artists are trying to give the readers is a new experience in which for that month we see the potential of these villains acknowledged.

Bizzaro #1

Aside from the stories, these books have collectors value. DC has given us a vast collection of covers in which the villains are standing triumphant over their arch nemesis. This includes the 3D covers as seen above which you can either have digitally or have the physical copy with that special kind of paper. For $4, that is worth picking up if it is a villain that you personally like and want to have that as a part of your collection.

For what it’s worth, this is a missed opportunity if you don’t give it a chance. This could be good, great, bad, but you’d never know if you dismiss it before the first book is released. Wait till you get through Trinity War. See if you like the outcome, the direction you see the stories heading in, and formulate a decision based on that. If not, just pick up one of these based on your favorite villain and see if it’s something you want to stick with for that duration.

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