Superboy #21 Review

Superboy (2011-) 021-000

Superboy #21

Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: R.B. Silva and Rob Lean

This was a quality issue of Superboy done by Justin Jordan. If anything this has been a huge turn around so far for Superboy in the New 52. He has shown that he knows Superboy, and he knows how to characterize him along with Doctor Psycho and Krypto. It’s an odd group, but they work well off of each other.

Like I said, in this story Superboy finds himself teamed up with Krypto. This being a different Krypto too. Not different altogether, but more vicious and unleashed. Of course it doesn’t add too much to the story with his inclusion being an animal, but as a part of the supporting cast he gives Superboy something to work off of to keep the story interesting. The atrwork done by both R.B. Silva and Rob Lean was very solid. To say the least not everything was solid given some parts in which it seemed a bit off, but for the most part it has been better given the bold use of colors.

Overall it is a step up and is continuing to show that Justin Jordan was right to take on Superboy given the somewhat lackluster stories that preceded this.

Score: 7.5/10

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