Superhero Movies In Hollywood: Don’t Like It, Don’t Watch It


Does Hollywood need saving from superheroes? This question was asked by someone who feels that they have no place in Hollywood. And here’s my response to that question.

It’s obvious that not everyone will like every superhero movie that comes out, some might not like them at all. But that’s fine because they aren’t made for everyone. But there is a point where you have to realize this and know that there is no marginalizing them because of the medium it’s adapted from. This here is a direct response to someone who say that they are cheap, populist entertainment in comic book form that has turned into an endless parade of sexist, semi-fascist bores. This here I could not disagree more with and the success of these films speak for itself. There is understanding the audience and intent of these films, and then there is creating the false expectation of the next award-winning film. These movies aren’t there to win awards, they are made to entertain the masses. Serious or light-hearted adaptations from popular books that engage the world in a way that the books alone can’t.

It’s safe to say that some people may have forgotten what these heroes mean to people. To the point where they become dismissive and insulting because they want to over-think something so simple. These are films that a child can watch repeatedly and admire because it’s made for more than just those who want deep storytelling or something complex. There is no sexism, no semi-facists, let alone anything cheap. The amount of money and time put into these movies give designers and those who work with special effects jobs. People that don’t get enough credit for the work they do, and nothing they do is cheap. There is a standard among comic book movies, but to hold them to the same standard as those that inspire more thought is unfair and misguided. Look at every other genre of movies out there today and past. Superhero movies are just now growing in numbers and popularity while you have years and years of other kind of movies that are produced in the same quantity if not more.

Marvel Cinematic

Some of these heroes didn’t have that popularity before they hit the big screen and that is what Marvel and DC are trying to build up when it comes to these cinematic worlds they are creating. They are taking every form of media by storm to expand their fanbase to old readers, present readers and non-readers. I mean if there was ever a time for them to expand they definitely chose the right time and have finally found the formula to success(despite any failures along the way). Engaging the fans in the stories they create has always been the goal, nothing has changed. The movies do just that and it’s why they outsell many films that critics would call masterpieces.

But like I will always say, no matter how many movies or shows Marvel and DC produce, they are not just doing them for money or just for the average movie goer. They push into these other mediums to promote their heroes and get them the popularity needed to influence the people who like them to go out and buy the books to learn more about them and continue to follow them as the movies and book series progress. That’s just how it is. In fact that’s just business overall.


Overall, like the title says, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You gain nothing from watching something that’s clearly not something you enjoy, so why do so and subject yourself to disappointment? Don’t just look at it from an outside view, look at it from those who grew up with these heroes and treat them as more than just fiction. Respect that they don’t see it the same way and don’t push to remove something from a medium because it doesn’t meet YOUR standards. That’s just selfish. I’d hate to say it’s close-minded for most people to be so against superhero movies, but the person I’m responding to is definitely close-minded. If people are getting tired of superhero movies, they aren’t being forced to watch them. They are the vocal minority and the entertainment of many is more important than the minority that feels because superhero movies aren’t appealing that they shouldn’t be produced.


Superhero movies aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Those to come are still changing the way people look at them and for the better. There is so much to anticipate, so much to enjoy, and so much to talk about when these movies actually release. Sure they will all have that one or two common factors, but that doesn’t make any of them any less entertaining. I mean if that is the case then guess what? They’re superhero movies, they will reflect the storytelling of superheroes. To have a problem with that is to say that these movies just aren’t for you. If anything it’s an attack against nerd culture as a whole to even consider that comic book movies don’t deserve a place among other movies. They are just one way that we are represented in popular culture and once you disregard that, you might as well try for the rest which will still be an uphill fight.

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    Jamie Briggs

    (June 16, 2013 - 2:20 am)

    Excellent article, super hero films deserve their place in cinemas. Most are brilliant works, but even the weak films still deserve a place. When a film like Jack & Jill can be in cinemas, super hero films deserve to be there too.

    They are great fun and some provide great stories, with great characters and most importantly – Great role models.

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