Man of Steel Soars High In The Box Office!


How well has Man of Steel performed in the box office exactly? See below!

As of today June 16th, 2013, Man of Steel has soared high raking in $125,080,000 estimated. That’s $125,080,000 domestic, $71,600,000 foreign, and $196,680,000 worldwide!

Right now ‘Man of Steel’s $113.1M weekend ranks 18th all-time, and #3 for a non-sequel behind ‘Hunger Games’/’Spider-Man. Two films with a HUGE fanbase to follow. For a reboot, this movie is doing amazing at the box office!  Its safe to say almost everyone is loving it with the exception of RT critics and some people who are hellbent on tearing the film apart. This is only opening weekend as well. The day isn’t over and neither is the week as this movie is sure to continuing pulling in money for it’s success.

For those waiting patiently for our review to come up, thank you. We will have our thoughts on the movie surely this week.

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