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Here is Analog Addiction’s review of Warner Bros. Man of Steel movie.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been the biggest fan of Superman. Not because he is god-like, or boring, but it was never easy to find a story that made him both exciting and convincing. That is one of the best things about this movie, it made so many non superman fans at least made them appreciate Superman more than before. This might not have been the Superman we all know, but it was told in a way that just about everyone could understand and enjoy. Of course you still can be disappointed if this is not the Superman you wanted to see, but it was surely the movie that all fans deserved. The story was competent, the action was just amazing, and nothing is better than watching a bunch of Kryptonians in a brawl and you knew as the first punch was thrown that there would be collateral damage. It was balanced too as the first half was Clark’s background story, and the other half focused on Zod’s invasion for the codex. The movie did feel a bit long, yet the pacing was on point from beginning to end. Everything for the most part served its purpose and kept the story relevant.

If anything, the story had you by the first minutes during the start which was very impressive as we see Jor El fight off Zod’s followers and General Zod himself. And we see what the CGI Krypton looks like and it looks very well done. I was quite enjoying it, as the first few minutes were very thrilling and action packed. This made you look forward to seeing what else the movie had to offer.

As far as the casting goes, few stood out, but overall they were great. If not who I point out specifically, then they all were perfect fits for their roles, mainly those from the Daily Planet. Kal’s father Jor El (played by Russell Crowe) excellently portrayed his father as he and his wife fought to get Kal El off Krypton and fight General Zod back. Aside from this, it was a great addition to see him act as a parental figure and guardian on Earth in the form of a hologram to guide Clark and even save Lois. Lois(played by Amy Adams) had the attitude and look that makes Lois who she is. The drive as a journalist, the integrity, and the need to always put herself in danger to get the story. In no way is she ever the damsel being as this is all part of her job. Then General Zod (played by Michael Shannon) was as intimidating and militant as his comic self. He was very believable as the villain and came off very menacing as he was devout in his goals. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent you can say were the backbone of this story. Where everyone had their influence, they were the ones who made this movie feel human, and the ones who made Clark human.

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As some might say, the tone of the movie could have been taken a little less serious. It did feel at times like there was a bit of soul missing from the emotion, and that made it a bit hard to warm up to all the way through. The first half of the movie was focusing on character development which should always be priority, yet towards the end the action kinda overshadowed that. Not to say the action was bad, because it was very well executed, but you get lost in it whether being a good thing or bad thing. This includes the special effects too. While the action drew you in, at a point you did feel as though it threw you off and you forget where the story is. The biggest gripe that most fans might share is at the end of the movie. For someone shown to be human, they still made Superman do what was basically the unthinkable for him. This was out of character for him, and is not something that can be easily passed off. What I personally found wrong was how many times they had shown Clark’s face, yet can just throw a pair of glasses on him at the very end and put him in front of Lois at the Daily Planet without a single look of suspicion from her.

Overall, Man of Steel managed to do what most other Superman films failed. They took a hero which many don’t take seriously, and showed them what kind of hero Superman truly is. There was amazing special effects which were used very effectively by Snyder, maybe relied a bit too much upon. A believable story written by Nolan to make Superman the god among men feel human. The cast was great, and the fight scenes were entertaining as well. It could have gone on a bit longer than expected, though a success all the way.

Rating: 8.5/10

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    Over the weekend, I saw MAN OF STEEL and instead of repeating much of what is written here by a comic review, I will reblog this one posted on Analog Addiction. However, from a woman’s point of view, I have two things to add. The young British actor who played Superman, Henry Cavill, was easy to look at and all the acting was believable. The fighting scene at the end seemed to go on for an eternity and the lady sitting next to me was fidgeting and left early! Overall, the best Superman movie yet. This one makes the others look like fluff! OH, the Kryptonian designs were amazing! I really liked the creation of the culture and society of Krypton. For me, it is a 7.5/10 but I will probably see it again someday! Susan Escalante, Director, Federal Financial Group LLC (posted on Movie Reviews)

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      I do have to agree on the fighting scene dragging on a bit longer than it should’ve.

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    I know my mates will want to see this, I just have no interest in Super Man

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      First time I really did.

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