Marvel And DC: Same Approach To Two Different Events

Marvel.DC Predicting Events

Are they reading each others minds now? Or just pure coincidence?

Constantine #4 w.Zatanna

First we start with the first vision that was revealed this week in Constantine #4. After a turbulent encounter with Papa Midnite, John Constantine heads over to the home of his former flame and mystical compatriot, Zatanna, only to find her right in the middle of a particularly difficult effort to gaze into the future. As you can see from the conversation, what Zatanna saw was cloudy yet clear enough to show her that there is significant trouble brewing on the horizon. She spoke of a death which sparks an all-out war, Zatanna mentions a vision of Constantine going up against Justice League members Batman and Superman. And then she also sees Constantine shaking hands with the master mind Lex Luthor.

Just like what Marvel did with Madame Web to tease Marvel NOW!, they took a more subtle approach to this and thankfully didn’t dispose of Zatanna because she had knowledge of what’s to come. What I like about this is that not many actually do read Constantine, so unless someone told you, this would be a complete surprise to you. It was also a smart move to make it center around magic given their appealingly large number of magic users.

Madame Web

Then we have Madame Web’s vision of Marvel NOW! events. After having a particularly strong vision of the future of the Marvel Universe, during Spider Island, Julia enters into a comatose state. The one person who has clues to the future of the Marvel Universe left in a comatose state and has the skill to prevent many of the past and coming events. She could have prevented Doc Ock from getting away with killing Peter(twice), prevented El Nihilo from sending that Origin Bomb to Earth and throwing the world into chaos, she could have even prevented the events of Age of Ultron from taking place, maybe even just being the key to stopping it. Maybe it’s understandable that her vision was stronger than Zatanna’s, yet still Madame Web you’d expect to be able to handle such things given her position.

The difference with Marvel’s approach aside from the fact that they put her into a coma is that they also used someone who didn’t have any impact herself on the events to follow. We don’t know what part Zatanna has in the Trinity War, but we do know that just by telling Constantine, she may have already set things in motion that he denies might never happen.

So with that said, it is odd that both Marvel and DC are using the same tactics in order to give us a glimpse of what’s to come. Whether one copied the other, or if it’s even something both have done in the past is unknown. But, what we do know is that it does show that they are planning ahead when they are able to tease that much before the events take place and to do so without really tipping off  any alarms of something to anticipate. Again I will hand it to DC for taking a more subtle approach to this and for not disposing of the character in question after doing so. Though of course if Marvel ends up making some use of Madame Web down the road, then maybe they can be forgiven for using her in such a way.

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