Injustice Gods Among Us #23 Review

Injustice - Gods Among Us (2013-) 023-000

Injustice Gods Among Us #23

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Tom Derenick

Tom Taylor doesn’t hold back punches with this book, and surely did not with this issue. Pushing Superman to the very brink in order to do something in which is the unthinkable. He took what has made Superman who he is and toyed with it to the point where that isn’t enough. There is a great balance of action, although again it has taken backseat to the excellent character development to get us from point A to point B of the story this prequel leads up to.

You always do have to question what pushed Superman over the edge, and when Tom throws in this invasion by Kalibak, you have all your answers. Someone with a huge ego, that was able to mock Superman while making him feel as though he has failed the world twice. Though it could have seemed a bit dramatized, and even though they spent the whole issue on just Superman losing it, they execution was well done. When his eyes started glowing you knew that the old Superman was gone, and it was shocking to see the MANY bodies which surrounded him disintegrating in his line of fire.

Like I said, this was most likely going to be the issue in which Superman snapped, and snap he did. This issue will set the tone for most to come, and right now you see a man driven with the goal of preventing what happened to both Metropolis and Lois from ever occurring again. The artwork which was great last issue felt consistent though taken over by Tom Derenick. He was able to capture this moment which is very defining for the seriousness of this fight that is not only between the Justice League and Kalibak, but also between them and Batman as peace between them is not an option anymore.

Score: 9.3/10

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