Batman and Batgirl #21 Review

Batman and Robin (2011-) - Batgirl 021-000

Batman and Batgirl #21

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

Something different, that is for certain, yet welcome. Since the events of Death of The Family Barbara hasn’t spoken to Bruce since and this was inevitable seeing how they both are residents of Gotham. This also includes her relationship with her father because everyone but him knows the truth about what happened to James. This creates that tension which has been building up because she fears more than anything to tell him the truth.

What stood out had to be her finally confessing to her father that it was her who “apparently” killed James. It had to happen sooner or later and Tomasi handled it better than I would’ve expected. Though now we are faced with the question as to whether he heard this confession because there was no reaction to this or any sign that he was really listening. But if so, it leaves us guessing as to whether he will act against her. Great set up for things to come between her and her family.

This issue left you feeling emotional. Your sympathies have to go out to Barbara because of how she is written to handle every situation that Tomasi puts her in. The mix of dark tones and really just the style of this book made it as depressing as it really was. Situations which have made her strong enough to be the one to tell Bruce when enough is enough. It’s been an emotional roller coaster and a good balance of action in between. In the end it all comes down to taking back their lives when they seemed to have been crumbling down in front of them. The one thing all members of the Bat Family have in common is their uncanny ability to rise up when their backs are against the wall and that was displayed here. Sure Batman remains a mess, but Batgirl walks out a little bit stronger than she was before.

Score: 8.7/10

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