Superior Spider-Man #12 Review

Superior Spider-Man 012-000

Superior Spider-Man #12

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Part two of Lockdown, and this story has taken a dark turn. Slott has truly shown how far he’s willing to take this new direction with Otto in the steering wheel. He has managed to create scenarios in which what you least expect is actually going to happen. Willing to really throw every twist out there without pulling back any punches.

Otto surely has proven to be the next step in the heroic think tank, questioning what needs or has to be done to create solutions, instead of burying it to only resurface. Like his many brutal encounters so far, this status quo lets areas like lethal force be explored and that’s interesting for a Spider-Man book. It’s one thing for him to decide on his own to take a life or if it’s justified, but Jameson himself is telling him as Spider-Man that Spider Slayer should not be allowed to live and that his death is priority. While not all too surprising giving his aggressive nature, it’s still something that shocks you because even as you know what both are capable of they still manage to do something new.

Fans of Peter may not agree with what is transpiring in this story arc, but being Otto this has been nothing short of spectacular writing by Slott. This isn’t even accounting for the layout and art for the book which matches the tone of it all. A hero that thinks outside the box and does not falter when faced with the normal situations other heroes stumble upon. Like I have said many times before, there are many directions this story can take and this is one which is most appealing for his character. Though these are 4 villains who never gave him much of a problem alone, together he’s handling them as if it’s nothing new to him. Whatever comes next, it’s worth reading.

Score: 8.8/10

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