Should The Ultimate Marvel Universe End?


Despite the popularity of those left, is it worth keeping the Ultimate Universe going strong?

This time we go a bit deeper with the situation Age of Ultron puts the Ultimate Universe in. As stated before, could this be the point where the Ultimate Universe merges with 616? We know that if so, not everyone will crossover, most likely it just being Miles. I mean the appearance of Galactus in a world where majority of the heroes are dead is not a good sign and there isn’t too much life in that world overall. Should be interesting to see where this takes us though we can only expect it to be grim for those involved in this mini series to come.

Ultimate Spider-Man has been the top book to come out of the Ultimate Universe. It has pulled in many Spider-Man fans and people who weren’t even as big of Spider-Man fans before. Miles Morales is a new hero who was created to give you a fresh new perspective on what it means to be Spider-Man. From beginning to end this story has kept you wanting more as he tries to live up to what Peter’s standards are as a hero and find out if he’s really deserving of the mantle. It’s an emotional roller coaster as Miles has to manage being Spider-Man, keep his identity secret from the world, and prove himself worthy in the eyes of those who knew Peter and what he stood for. While being the most popular of the Ultimate books, it has the most potential to survive in the 616 Universe. With Peter dead, fans need someone as close to Peter as possible if they aren’t going to bring him back any time soon.

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Ultimate X-Men has proven to be chaotic and fun. Not just because of the struggles they face which are more dire, but everything this world throws at them for them to still survive it all. This book has proven to show that nothing is as simple as it looks and to usually expect the worst to come. Everything from Ultimatum has made this the one book to have the biggest impact on the Ultimate Universe. To find out that they aren’t natural, but experiments. To lose a majority of their population to a slaughter, concentration camps, sentinels, hate crimes, and the most recent distribution of the cure. Their story is far from over and until they are extinct or give in to being put back into camps, the fight will still continue.

They have no place in the 616 Universe, so the only way to move on with this book is to give them the ending they need or deserve. To be honest not much can be done for them after this war they are fighting is over.

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Ultimates has proven to be the one book in which they don’t pull any punches. For the longest time the world has been thrown into chaos and those heroes who still stand after Ultimatum are all that stands between order and injustice by those who wish to take advantage of their new opportunities. This is everything from H.Y.D.R.A. to Reed Richards, to Hulk, and fights within their own personal lives which makes a new tomorrow all the more bleak for them. While their story isn’t finished yet, Marvel has basically been hyping up the end for their team which is all but certain. And even then, what comes next?

Overall they all are best that the Ultimate Universe can offer, but is that enough? As much as we want to say that they can hold their own, 3 books just isn’t enough to continue to invest time in a dying world. Spider-Man has the best chance of surviving in the 616 Universe due to his popularity, but even if the other s were they have no place among their counterparts. If anything they will just confuse readers and cause issue with continuity. So is their time up? There’s no certain answer till “Hunger”, but till then there is time for any of these stories to wrap up and if that’s the case we can only hope one makes it over to the main universe.

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    (June 21, 2013 - 6:35 am)

    I think it’s time to end the Ultimate Universe. It was created as a way to tell new stories, without the complicated history and continuity of the main universe. But now, it has just as much a complicated history and continuity. So I think it’s time to let it end. Then maybe wait a couple years before trying again. Possibly. But only if they can come up with original concepts.

      Jideobi Odunze

      (June 21, 2013 - 7:19 am)

      Yep, if Hunger does nothing positive for it then hopefully that will be the end. For now at least.

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