What We Know About ‘Hunger’ So Far

Marvel Hunger

See what is known about Marvel’s upcoming mini series “Hunger”, and catch a preview of the first issue as well!

Rick Jones has been confirmed to be the protagonist. They’re going to introduce the emperor of the Chitauri, and an Accuser might show up from the other side. They mention a naked guy on a surfboard exploring space who might be interested, though we know that to be Silver Surfer. There’s one more character who they say should be a pretty good surprise. What they want to create is the feeling that the Ultimate Universe takes place in a world closer to ours is core to those books. It’s a smaller worldview and seeing this through Rick Jones’ eyes contributes to that. He’s been traveling space but not finding anything. Now he finds something and it’s terrifying. Everything Rick experiences in Hunger, it’s for the first time.

The heart of the story is said to be Rick coming to terms with his responsibilities and that he has to protect this universe no matter how much he’d rather be a teenager. One of the original taglines mentioned for the Ultimate Universe was ‘There are no rules.’ That means that Galactus can eat somebody or something here he wouldn’t in the Marvel Universe. Something to consider seeing how there are less restraints overall when it comes to the Ultimate Universe. The Chitauri and Kree will feature in Hunger as well.

“What’s coming is a Galactus story you have not seen before on many levels. Age of Ultron was the quintessential story of a character fulfilling his promises, and this is down the same road.”Brian Bendis

We’ve seen the classic Marvel Universe deal with Galactus, but we’ve never seen the Ultimate Universe deal with a threat like this.” Josh Fialkov

“There’s also the fallout of what to do even if they save the day. Can they send Galactus back to the Marvel Universe?”Brian Bendis

“Angela is a force of nature with a singular force of nature who doesn’t understand where she is. She’s a caustic character who will not put up with the nonsense of the Marvel Universe.” Brian Bendis

“There is a lot coming over the next six to eight months in terms of Miles Morales and the concept of a Marvel multiverse, characters realizing that door is there. Miles becomes a very important lynchpin.”Brian Bendis

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