DC Comics Drops The Ball

DC villains

Apparently DC’s taking a loss on every 3D Cover they print. Good move, bad move, get the full details below.

According to Dan Didio, these covers are really expensive to print. We’ve seen all the covers and that is something you can find believable, given the material that they use as well to make it 3D . How expensive is it?  According to a report from the Comics Beat, DC will take a loss on every cover they print, despite DC raising the prices on all of their September issues to help cover costs.

So that extra dollar you’ll be paying for September won’t be enough for DC to breakeven on the costs of printing these comics. So to answer the question above, bad move. This would explain why DC couldn’t afford to have artists produce individualized backgrounds for many of the comics and instead chose to photoshop villains onto stock pictures of various DC heroes chained up and bleeding. You just have to ask yourselves if it was a good idea to go through with something so costly and unnecessary?

No one is getting much of anything out of this deal as well. We pay more for their mistake, or one that they have tried to cover up with a %33 increase in what we would normally pay for their book that we would find justified just because it’s 3D and new. Hopefully even if they still go through with this they will get the message not to do something like this again, gimmicks aren’t worth the loss.

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