Two Hero Films That Need A Push

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Now when I think of two superhero teams that represent what it means to be a superhero and to be superheroes as a family, no two better teams come to mind than The Fantastic Four and The Incredibles. So one person wrote a blog earlier asking why there hasn’t been an Incredibles sequel out yet, and the question hit me too as the Fantastic Four is getting another movie despite the previous two films being pretty bad.

The Incredibles Sequel

The concept of Incredibles was just simply amazing, I mean I applaud Pixar for creating this movie around a superhero world that both Marvel and DC couldn’t pull off. For those who haven’t seen the movie and I hope that is a small number, the plot is that supers were once seen as heroes, but collateral damage from their various good deeds led the government to create a “Supers Relocation Program”, forcing the Supers to fit in among the civilians and not use their superpowers. So as this happens one boy now a man who was rejected by the heroes he looked up to because he didn’t have powers sets a plan in motion to rid the world of all of them so that he may be the only hero. This was a movie that was built around so many hidden messages and life lessons than any other produced. Not your average superhero tale and can certainly stand up amongst the live action movies.

So much emotion and depth went into this story that could probably push you to tears the first time around, unless you got a stone heart. They took everything that made superheroes who they are and challenged it, took it to a point that most probably couldn’t portray well yet they did. Something funny worth pointing out is that this movie is basically their own version of the fantastic Four. Mr Incredible like Thing, Violet’s powers are like Sue’s, Jack Jack is like a Super Skrull, Elastic Girl is like Mr Fantastic, all with the exception of Dash. Just something to point out when considering that this was made even before Marvel was bought by Disney.

If the cards are still on the table, then a sequel MUST happen. Bird says that he really wants to make one and needs to put the pieces together to start, so we’ll have to see about that. This would be something he said May 2013 as well, so there’s hope.

A hero movie where the males are allowed to be emotional without appearing weak? A hero movie where females are allowed to be strong without being callous or woefully 2D? A hero movie where children are allowed to explore their potential instead of being shitty sidekicks?

Fantastic Four Reboot

Marvels premiere family of heroes endowed with the power cosmic after an experiment gone wrong. They are a family first, heroes second, and a force of science that can’t be stopped when they work as a team. Over the years they have grown into something very exciting that could be portrayed on the big screen yet both previous attempts fell flat because of a poor direction of story. Now they already have spoken of a reboot of the movie franchise and it might be something worth seeing if they pick the right story. I mean personally as the pic above shows I’d rather them start off at a later point when they have Valerie and Franklin, but we’ll just have to see what they can cook up.

The problem I saw with the film was the acting, story, and focus. I don’t think that the director really understood the Fantastic Four when he was writing the story. They tried to be something they are not. The Fantastic Four are a team of science, that is what they should have focused on instead of trying to go big as if it is some action movie. I would want to see each character take spotlight in their respective areas besides relying on Human Torch for humor. When they even had the confrontations between Doom and Mr Fantastic, what I would have liked to see is a fight of brains because that is what puts them at odds, their superior minds. Then we come to the acting which wasn’t executed right, I really didn’t get that feel as if they were scientists and a lot of the emotions they tried to create felt forced, overall there were better choices for the roles.

Either way I’d be willing to give the reboot another chance because the movie can be done right if the right person is handling it, which seems to be the case right now being Josh Trank(director of Chronicle).

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