Difference Between Cyclops And Magneto


This has been an endless debate on whether Cyclops has become more like Magneto rather than Professor X. So here’s another opinion on the matter.

Cyclops has found himself a new vision for the future than Charles, but he has made it his own, nothing like Magneto’s. Magneto is a terrorist, an extremist, someone who “had” a superiority complex. None of this is Cyclops. He has simply seen that you cannot win over humanities acceptance with speeches and just fighting for mutantkind. Cyclops has seen that you have to be proactive, take matters into your own hands without the threat of violence. He spent so much time trying to protect mutants and did so effectively, that the rest of the world had to be ignored. You can ignore the people who you want to listen to you, you also can’t make them fear you. They don’t fear Cyclops and they now see him as just another man standing up for his rights through protest.

Has he attacked humans? No, not in any way. He has only stepped in to protect new mutants from people who fear them. These new mutants do nothing wrong and when they have their backs against the wall, with powers they don’t understand, assaulting them makes the situation worse. That’s where Cyclops and his team steps in to prevent that from occurring. He rescues them and gives them the chance to understand what they’ve become and teach them how to control their new gifts. That’s not what Magneto would do. He would have recruited you to join his band of villains who would then paint a bad image for mutants. What Cyclops has done is show that he’s willing to step out and fight for their rights, and even those of humans as well. His message is directed towards anyone who feels the same way that mutants do. This means being ignored, oppressed, or even taken advantage of.


Those who paint a bad image of Cyclops are those who blame him for Charles’s death. A death he had no control over and those who forgave Scarlet Witch accept her excuse which is the same and call it “complex”. That’s just hypocritical. S.H.I.E.L.D. and just about everyone in power aren’t hunting him down because he’s a villain, it’s because he’s calling each and every one of them for their faults in the world. What they have done and what they haven’t done to protect people. While he may be egging them on, he is telling the truth and that’s what they fear most. His “revolution” is feared because humans are seeing and hearing what he has to say and they are putting their trust in him. This would never have happened happen for Magneto since he didn’t care for anyone that wasn’t a mutant.

Lastly, he won’t attack anyone unless they provoke him. This hasn’t happened yet, but when they all want him just to shut him up they are taking away his right to speech which is basically all he is exercising at this time. That only throws more human support his way because they know that what he is saying is right. That is why Maria Hill keeps face palming herself when she re-watches his messages to the people. There was no danger there, there is just people in power who are afraid of what he has to say and how people will act upon it.

In the end you are left with this. If you see someone saving people from a danger which is obvious and world wide, do you arrest that person? Or do you get off your ass and lend a hand?

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    (June 24, 2013 - 9:02 am)

    The key difference is this: Magneto always fought for mutant supremacy. Scott is still fighting for coexistence and equality. But he’s also tired of letting humans push mutants around. Instead of keeping quiet, only showing up to fight mutant criminals, he’s being more outspoken. He’s trying to turn mutants into a wall against oppression, standing up and fighting back. They’ll never throw the first punch. But they’ll damn well throw the second one.

      Jideobi Odunze

      (June 24, 2013 - 9:06 am)

      Exactly. Just had to get this out there, had the longest debate on this and it was so hard to get this across as a whole.

    Harry Martin (@hasf1998)

    (September 10, 2013 - 6:08 pm)

    Yes! Finally, another person that sees Cyclops for what he is, not the hate that has been built up on him! I’m also kinda hoping that Havok comes around looking for Cyke, but doesn’t wanna fight him or arrest him, just wants to talk. Cyclops pours his heart out to Alex, who listens, because Cyke has kept his emotions suppressed for an unhealthy amount of time, and God knows he needs his brother right about now.

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