Is Catwoman a Hero or Villain?


At some point you really have to question Catwoman’s role in the DC Universe. We know she’s an antihero, meaning in between, but is that not taken advantage too often at this point?

Being the antihero of the DC Universe, Catwoman has no true alignment because she really only does what’s best for her. Yet even so, you see Catwoman doing more good than wrong. She is a thief, and one of the best in the world, but does such a crime really make you that much of a villain? One that people fear so much or label on the spot as a villain? Crime is crime as we all know, but since the New 52 began, there hasn’t even been many bad encounters with other heroes unless Batman. Batman who while arrests her and foils her many heists, still manages to team up with her and enlist her aid when she’s the only one he can turn to. Whether it’s just her charm, nobody knows, but to still be someone that Batman trusts says something. Aside from this, Catwoman is a street level antihero who looks out for regular people. Catwoman is able to see the real problems that start with the civilians. The families, homeless, less privileged, those who fear the world around them. Enough to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Getting back to being a villain, I still find it hard to believe that her crimes as a thief really makes her all that bad of a person. Compared to many others out there I don’t find her very compelling as one. Her actions as a hero I believe do surely outweigh any acts of evil, and even so she has fought against many of Gotham’s villains, making some of them hate her as much as Batman. If you really wanted to say something against her then it’s that she’s selfish. While looking out for regular people, homeless people or defenseless people, she still does what she does for personal gain. Catwoman loves money and that is her true drive in the end. That much you can hold against her because most heroes don’t act out of greed.


What this topic stems from is Catwoman’s participation in the new Justice League of America. This is a team of heroes assembled by A.R.G.U.S. to be the Justice League when the real Justice League ever turns bad. One that is supposed to represent America, yet has one on the team who is notorious for being a “villain”. While you still don’t see what’s wrong with the public knowing she’s on the team, you also don’t see how they would consider her to fit the team if they didn’t think she can be trusted. We know her motives for joining this team, but knowing this means that she is also willing to do something good. Not once had she even done something to make them think she doesn’t belong there. It may be A.R.G.U.S. themselves who can’t be trusted instead because they are still hiding things from the people who are lending their services to them.

When it comes down to it, it just seems that while Catwoman is an antihero, they like to paint her as a villain when she hasn’t proven to genuinely be one. Maybe they just like to keep her treading that line, but there will be a point where they have to pick a side for Catwoman. If that’s possible for a character like Deadpool, it’s certainly possible for her unless they want to keep her in a limbo in which there is no serious progress in her characterization.

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    (June 26, 2013 - 9:07 pm)

    Siph, I hate it when you make me think…

    For me Cat Woman is not really much of an Anti-hero so much as hero. The question is do her good actions make up for her bad ones?

    Yes shes a thief and it is a crime and you’d be pissed if she stole from you, but that said you would probably think of her very differently if she saved your rear-end from the likes of the Joker.

    As for her being selfish… aren’t most comic book characters somewhat selfish, heroes and villains alike?

    Just my thoughts.


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