Marvel’s Doctor Strange Movie First Act Plot Details Revealed


Latino Review confirms that Doctor Strange is one of the movies, but aren’t sure which date it will land on. They did, however, get their hands on the screenplay, written by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. Marvel Studios is reportedly very happy with what has been turned in.

*Of course if you don’t wish to venture into what is the story so far, avoid if you don’t want spoilers.*

Here is a detailed description of the screenplay’s first act, which opens with Stephen Strange’s sister disappearing in the bottom of a pond, and eventually finds the Doctor taking over the neurology center at his hospital.

“Doctor Strange is an origin film that opens on a pond, where we meet a 13-year-old Donna Strange, and her younger brother Stephen Strange, who is ten. The siblings are swimming in the pond, when Donna dares Stephen to dive to the bottom. Stephen is scared because there are lights below, glowing from a star field. Donna goes down below, and gets pulled under water. The lights flare, blinding Stephen, and Donna disappears.

Later, police officers and supervised construction workers drain the pond looking for Donna. There is no sign of her. A police psychologist talks to Stephen’s parents, Gene and Beverly Strange, and suggests transference. Maybe Stepen has done something too horrible to contemplate.

Years later, we meet Doctor Strange at the Hudson General Hospital. With piercing eyes, a trimmed goatee, and the swagger of a demi-god, he commands respect. Strange comes across a young boy with a brain tumor, and orders a cat scan within the hour.

Next, we are in Strange’s corner office. As he surveys his new office and asks for a decorator, we find out that Strange is going to become the head of neurology, replacing the out going Doctor Bresten. Strange later catches up with Dr. Bresten as he fires five residents in taking up his own residency. Strange and Bresten argue, because Strange is going to operate on the young boy with the brain tumor, who is also Dr. Bresten’s patient.

We are next in Strange’s penthouse, where Strange makes love to Becca, one of the nurses. We discover that Strange sleeps 30 minutes out of time, six times every twenty-four hours, for a total of three hours a day. Polyphasic sleep. Later, we catch up with Strange, as he operates on the boy with the brain tumor. Something happens during surgery, where Strange bursts out of the operating room and into a hallway, where it is filled with multi-colored lights glowing in space. A multi-layered star field.

Strange leaves the hospital and gets into an accident, where his car hits a light pole. The electricity travels right through the roof of the car, sending 8000 volts of blue power shooting right through Strange’s hands and arms. Strange screams out in agony and blacks out.

Strange wakes up in an operating room, where we discover that he has sustained sever neurological damage. His motor functions will be impaired. We next go through a montage where Strange goes through some painful physical therapy, pours over medical papers, gets prescriptions, goes through acupuncture, is in exile, regains his strength, meditates, incurs death, and finally gets served with an eviction notice.”

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