Guardians of The Galaxy #4 Review

 Guardians of the Galaxy v3 004-000

Guardians of The Galaxy #4

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Sarah Pichelli

Not as action packed like the issues before, but nonetheless Guardians of The Galaxy proves to be one of the most fun books Marvel has to offer. A book that can be serious when the need is there yet not take itself too seriously when they are just having fun. 4 issues in and it’s safe to say this is a book that Marvel fans should pick up.

This issue was a well-balanced mix of both action and entertainment. What you notice and like about the Guardians now is that they are a closer knit team. Close enough that they can have fun moments like this in that bar. They love to fight and even as they had to keep their heads down when the Spartax officers came in they were still itching for another fight though drunk. Bendis handles these moments very well and in this particular moment, it didn’t have to depend on Rocket Racoon’s humor for everyone to look like they were having a good time. As for Gamora it was a nice change to see how being the most dangerous woman in the galaxy doesn’t go unnoticed. The character development may not be all there, but you can see how well placed it is by Bendis when there is need for it.

Sarah Pichelli’s art style is very fun. The way she handles the action really sells it alongside the dialogue. The lighting and light use of colors you take notice of and everything overall is smooth. Again this issue sets up for something to be excited for as Gamora will still have to watch her back like the others.

Score: 9.3/10

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