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See what Jonathan Hickman and Tom Brevoort have to say about the upcoming event set to rock the Marvel Universe!

“Infinity is an outgrowth of everything that has been happening in Avengers and New Avengers since Marvel NOW! began. It’s a big sci-fi event, a war fought on two fronts. The Avengers are in space dealing with a threat on its way to Earth, and while that’s happening, Thanos picks this moment for he and his forces to descend on a largely unprotected Earth looking for something he desires. There will be huge galactic events and things going on in our backyard. The two arms will dovetail before all is said and done.”

Infinity_4_CoverVariantGeneralAvengers will focus on the galactic aspect of Infinity while New Avengers expands on the Earth segment. Battle of the Atom is also going on. They’re not all absolutely front and center, but they’re not absent. You’ll see stuff involving them right from the jump. You saw them in the prelude.

“Typically we do a spine series and then tie-ins. In this instance because the scope is so big, even with the amount of pages we have in Infinity, we have so many characters and set pieces that will be expanded upon and illuminated on in Avengers and New Avengers. These are virtually as important as the core book. Those series will carry an Infinity cover dress that really signifies them as part of the event. It’s not unlike when Brian Bendis was doing the Avengers books during Secret Invasion, though these are taking place in real time.” – Tom Brevoort

“I’ve worked with Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver before, and both are fantastic artists equally adept at world building and character interaction, so writing for them is always a pleasure. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the fantastic stuff I visualize in my head is always better when realized by those two guys.” – Jonathan Hickman

“I’ve always wanted to work with Jim Cheung. He’s one of my favorite artists and a really cool guy. I’ve asked for him on just about everything, so it’s such a pleasue to see him drawing the stuff I’m writing. It’s wonderful. All three guys are great. I’d be remiss not to say Mike Deodato is doing great work on New Avengers and Leinil Yu is killing it on Avengers. Breathtaking stuff. I gave Leinil hard as stuff to draw as anybody and he’s crushing it. He’s unbreakable.” – Jonathan Hickman

“Before I was doing Infinity, I was always going to do a story called Avengers Universe happening at this time in the Avengers books. This is the culmination of everything we started in Avengers #1 on Mars with the Garden, talking about the Builders, this ancient race who has built great societies and destroyed them if they didn’t find them worthy to survive. Because of the events in New Avengers, the Builders are headed to Earth. – Jonathan Hickman

Infinity_5_CoverVariantPichelli“You’ll see more from Starbrand and to a lesser degree Nightmask in Infinity. You’ll see stuff from the Garden characters, Ex Nihilo and Abyss. Black Bolt and the Inhumans have a huge and perhaps unexpected role. “There’s some good material from the Skrulls and the Super-Skrull, Ronan and the Supreme Intelligence, Gladiator and the Imperial Guard. This is about as big a story in terms of scale as has ever been done in the Marvel Universe. Everything from New Avengers is a big part of Infinity. Thanos Rising is sort of designed to be one stop shopping for history, origin and background of Thanos. Infinity will be much more forward looking. Having just done Rising to set the stage, Infinity will be about what Thanos wants now. The Infinity Gems, when last anybody knew about them, were broken by the Illuminati, and that will not go untouched on in Infinity.” – Tom Brevoort

“Like any good story, we needed forerunners of the bad guy and so Thanos’ allies serve the story. They’re colorful characters with cool names, which is never bad, but you’ll see mostly in New Avengers them in play.” – Jonathan Hickman

Here’s some of the variant covers and artwork for this event:

Infinity_1_CoverVariantGeneral Infinity_2_CoverVariantGeneral Infinity_2_CoverVariantMcNiven Infinity_3_CoverVariantBianchi Infinity_3_CoverVariantGeneral Infinity_4_Cover Infinity_4_CoverVariantStegman Infinity_5_Cover Infinity_5_CoverVariantGeneral

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Here’s a 2 page preview as well.

Infinity_1_Preview2 Infinity_1_Preview1

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