What Happens When Batman Can’t Pull Himself Together?


It’s about time to ask that question. What happens when the Dark Knight looses himself to the loss of Damian aka. Robin?

This topic comes from Batman and Batgirl #21. In this issue, it’s painfully obvious that Batman is a broken man. Batgirl who has gone through so much has finally found the strength in her to pull herself together, and when she confronts Batman to turn him around, he lashes out on her. Someone who is supposed to be the hero of Gotham is now a symbol of fear. Not only to everyone who breaks the law, but even those around him who are good. Citizens, cops, friends, family, all have to keep at their distance because he is unstable at this point.

We can all argue that it’s because of Damian’s death, and it is. Yet, this is also not what Damian would have wanted for him to go through because of him. Damian died a hero, doing what he wanted to do and trying to be like his father. Does he really care that little about what Damian stood for that he would shame himself by going up against any force with the chance of not coming out alive? I think not right now and it’s pretty selfish on his part. To sit there and brood over something that all heroes take responsibility for when they put on a costume. Brutalize every person who crosses him so that they think twice about doing the same thing twice. Using lethal force in which he could and will kill someone because he can’t control his rage. This is not the way to pay his respects to a life and duty which Damian willfully gave himself up to. What is everyone to think of him right now? Can they respect him now if they have not lost it already? And what kind of example is he setting for those out there following his every move to be just like him? You have to ask yourself if any of this is going through his head or if he even cares.


Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Robin, Alfred, all people very close to him that he treats like strangers now. People that he should be able to trust at times like this, at least to take advice instead of looking at them as if they are still his sidekicks. It’s bad enough that he himself broke their trust in him in Death of The Family, but when they come back to him to help him through something that affects them all, it just becomes childish. He’s supposed to be someone they respect as their former mentor and he can’t pull himself together to hear what they have to say. Yes Batman has every right to grieve, but there’s only so much you can do before it is harmful. Even more so when you take it out on yourself and those around you who don’t deserve it.

Many things can happen now though it must happen soon because Batman is digging a hole for himself that he might not be able to get out of. Who knows what that might take, though at this point it might have to be knocked into him. I’d really hope that Damian remains dead so Batman can find his resolve on his own. That’s the direction I believe he should be heading in and the one quality about Batman that sticks out most is that you can knock him down and he will find a way to fight back. That’s how it always has been and nothing should change that for the Dark Knight.

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